Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stormy Sky/Tornado

As I sought the Lord, I saw the Lord spread out across the sky. He was like a great storm brewing and growing. At first, I simply praised the Lord and turned to Jesus who was sitting close by me and was encouraging me. Then I looked at God so vast and broad as the sky but filled with storm clouds. I did not feel anger from God. This was not about anger. This is about the time we live in. As a watchman, I have had dream upon dream about stormy skies, storms; looking to the sky for the storm 'that is coming'. The storm 'that is coming' is something God has shown me to be real and extreme. He has been showing me this for 26 years.

I look to God and I ask why He presents Himself as a storm at this time? I only could feel and sense that clouds moving with greater motion. Then I saw a tornado form. The tornado finally made its way down to the 'ground' but it wasn't the ground- it was my stomach. I began to feel the Spirit of God, as this moving tornado, taking up into the stormy sky something out of me. The Lord moved in my belly, in my stomach, in my heart and my lungs; to the DEEPEST places in me. I prayed as this went on for Him to do all He desires with me. I trust Him!

This tornado moved in my being for about 2 hours. At one point, I felt something being poured INTO ME rather than OUT OF ME. After two hours, I began to pray for the lost and for the church. I pray for the healing and the correction of the people of God. Without change, we will have less success reaching the lost. So, I pray, God bring correction with whatever it takes!

After all of this, the Lord showed me nothing more. A silence I am unaccustomed to simply rested as I prayed.

There are several things I have not had the chance to share on my blog. I hope to have time to share them soon.

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