Sunday, July 5, 2015

Praying and Grieving

Today, I disagreed with some things that happened in my church service.  I did enjoy the message very much. I love my church and admire my pastor. But I didn't see the reason to have items regarding America in the church.

I've had visions and dreams about the danger of weaving together America, the Earthly nation with the Kingdom principles we have in Christ. At times, with some Christians, its seems people find America and Jesus as synonymous. I was displeased to see a touch of that going on in the service today.

Some of the reason I feel as I do, is because I've talked to so-called Christians who insisted that if we did not agree with the America Constitution and stand by it, then we could not be a Christian. I've heard numerous people tell me that America and Christ are synonymous. I've heard people say America is a Christian nation. And to not show great honor and respect to all the patriotic symbols means you are in league with the Anti Christ. I'm not exaggerating and it is very frightening.

When I got home from church, I took a nap. When I woke, I prayed for hours because the burden and pain regarding this was so heavy. I waited on the Lord, He came and He began to show me something. It was a vision among other things. I am hoping to share it tomorrow on my blog here.

I do believe people will, again, have trouble with what the Lord showed me. But He's been showing this to me for over 10 years. And it doesn't change.

Let me conclude this post with this. I love my country. I am so blessed and thankful to be an American and to have the rights I do. I am not anti-America as I have been called many times. I just believe we must live radically and give our lives and our allegiance fully to God. This does not mean we do not have respect and honor for our nation. It just means there is God and then there is the world. And America is a nation in the world. We are first Christian citizens and secondly, American. When I have said this in the past, I've also gotten scolded. But we know it is the truth. The word is clear on it just as Christ was clear in showing that His loyalty was to the Kingdom of God and not Israel nor Rome.

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