Wednesday, July 8, 2015

God's Sorrow: He Brings America Down

Sunday at church my pastor had a statue of the Statue of Liberty on the platform and an American flag behind him. There was also an American flag brought in while the Battle Hymn of The Republic was being sang. I was taken by surprise to find all these things happening and I was grieved in my spirit. Though my pastor's message about Christ and the commitment needed to be made by His people was very good. I could only find contradiction and mystery in him bringing America into a sermon about God. These symbols have NOTHING to do with God and should not be in the church. To see a graven image sitting in the place where people make an altar to God to pray was very troubling for me. To hear a song that was sang as men went to war to kill other men was grievous for me. America has a history of taking God and putting Him into the things they do, even if what they are doing is ungodly. It's wrong. I refuse to pledge alleigance to ANYTHING other than the Creator, God. I will not worship creation. America is a nation that was created.

I'm grateful I was born in America. I do love my country. I pray for my country daily. I have a deep compassion for those who have fought in every war. I have a deep love for veterans. I love people.

I went home and began to pray. I believe I prayed about 4 hours with this grief. Then the Lord answered me with the following:


God showed me his sorrow. I felt sorrow like moving water; a stream. My sorrow flowed along with it for the Lord imparted some of His sorrow to me in 2001. I heard the cries of many people. The cries came out of and sounded out of this moving water. The water became larger. It became a great river of sorrow flowing as though God was weeping for His sorrow had become greater. I heard the Lord say, 'THE WORLD IF FULL OF SIN AND MY PEOPLE ARE FULL OF ERROR.'

Regarding the flags and statue in the sanctuary God clearly called it, 'ABOMINATION.' And I sensed God's jealousy. He is a jealous God.

I continue to feel the river of sorrow and it is as though it is flowing through my body as though I am land and the river runs through me.

I then see a sea. The sorrow has become greater. The sea is a raging sea. I see a cyclone in it and it is moving very, very fast. The sorrow has become so great that it has turned to rage. I hear a voice say, 'A sea of sorrow turning into rage.' I hear this several times as I see this cyclone of water moving so fast. I sense the water doing great damage as it hits America. God is so full of sorrow.


Though the waters are violent and loud with rage, God speaks with great sorrow.

I recall God saying to me many times (over the last 10 years) that He will bring down the light of America so His light can be seen and many can be saved.

It's sad to see how American Christians try to life God up on American patriotism, pride and all the idols that goes with them. How can the world see Jesus if He is being presented with these idols and the pride of an earthen nation, America? It will pass away with the rest of the world. What will not pass away is the Kingdom of God. For myself, I am first a citizen of this kingdom and second, a citizen of America. I will promote God's Kingdom. I will not promote America. I will not speak lies of America but I will not promote her.

People believe it is Christian command to 'get back to our American values.' America is just another earthly nation; a stop on the way to eternity. God has blessed us with this nation and given us the ability to freely serve, assemble and share the Gospel. And we have taken advantage of that. Now, it is time for America to fall and for God to further rise. A great revival will come but not in the way most Americans believe it will come.

I have no interest  in 'redeeming' America. I am interested in redeeming souls IN America. This is what we are commanded to do.

I will state again here at the end of this post that America was not really founded on Christian principles. So many of our founding fathers were Deists. Thomas Jefferson created his own bible. He took the Word of God and removed parts he didn't like and he served God by this gospel. The Statue of Liberty was constructed by a Freemason. Freemasons are a secret society. And my church, Love and Truth South opposes secret societies. So I find a great contradiction in my pastor's actions.

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