Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dream: Ted Cruz and Gay Opposition

August 23, 2013

I learned that the ‘dark’ leader is possibly a senator. He is a political figure before the world; he is in the forefront now. Many talk about how they would like him to become president (either 2016 or 2020). His name is Ted Cruz. He is a foreigner. Canadian and Cuban but an American. He renounced his Canadian citizenship. Upon getting the news that this man is here now, I was very, very upset. Weeping and praying for when or if becomes president, bad things will happen. My hope is that we can pray and that he won’t come into power as a president. My hope is that I heard God wrong. I want to be wrong because I know what I was told and shown was a terrible thing. One thing is for certain, TED CRUZ HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE DARK LEADER IF HE IS NOT THE DARK LEADER.

I had a dream about this man. I dreamed someone was telling me that this man did not sleep. I couldn’t imagine how this is possible. Then I was told that he was to debate a man but it kept being protested severly. People were very loud and numerous. They would even lay in the floor, laying on one another. They seemed to wear some kind of bright clothing and make up and jewelry. I saw mostly women. The feeling I get about these bright colors is that these people may represent the gay community. The effort to have this debate was tried many times. One of the days I saw the protesters dropping stones and small items. I felt they represented runes and the use of magic. But it felt like Voodoo. I asked where the debate is being held. I heard someone say California. But I wasn’t convinced where it was. Just in the U.S. The man Cruz is going to debate seems to have facial hair, a beard and mustache and short hair. He does not seem like a politician at all. I see him looking strained. I see him in a great crowd of people. It is very crowded. Cruz is very calm and patient. He is not bothered by all the delays, loud protests, etc. He remained neat and fixed on his debate. The end.

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