Friday, July 3, 2015

Dream: People with Madness, Possessed and Some Delivered

April 20, 2010

I had a very strange dream.  I was with a few other people and it seemed we were in some kind of battle.  There were people who were acting like animals, rather vicious.  Then there were those like me who were in our right minds.  I  saw one of these with us take a sharp instrument and cut open one of these animalistic people's stomach.  They cut deeply from the sternum down to the pubic bone.  He reached in and pulled out a small creature.  I can't remember what it looked like except it had a long tail like a lizard's.  I was watching people do this.  When they cut people open and took out the creature, the people returned to normal.  They were no longer acting like vicious, mindless animals.  Those doing the surgery didn't sew people's bellies back up and there was no blood from the wounds.  Their bellies remained opened for a time but healed on their own.

We were close to a beach.  I knew there were people who needed this 'procedure' in the ocean water.  As me and another found some of these people in the water a great tide came.  I knew the tide was to do with the battle.  When the wave came down and crashed on the beach, several seals were washed up to shore.  I believe they swam away shortly after.  The wave didn't affect us but we had thought it might.

I cut someone open and began to pull out the creature I knew was inside.  I pulled out two creatures.  They both had only one eye in the center of their heads.  The first was larger and looked like a dragon.  I was surprised to pull out a second creature.  It looked like a pig, with the one eye and then the lizard's tail.  They were both alive and scurried off after I pulled them out of the belly of a person.

I wondered if I should sew this person up afterward.  I noticed one sewing in a narrow green thread but it wasn't out of necessity but out of love.  It was a symbol of love.  Kids were dancing around in their freedom from these animals.  It seemed my youngest was one that had gotten freed by this procedure.  end

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