Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dream of Coming War

This dream was very intense and God has not shown me who this war is with. America seems to start it, foolishly and despite efforts to avoid war, we do go into war. And we loose the war. Most often when I have a dream, I represent wisdom and insight and sometimes I represent the church (as a symbol). In this dream I represent wisdom and insight. Let us always pray for our nation, try to live as peacefully as possible with others and pray for our nations leaders.

Pray always. Stay in the Word always. Have faith in God always. GOD IS OUR SOURCE, Christians.

APRIL 10, 2003

I dreamed that I was with a group of Americans.  We were like tourists watching a native tribe.  It seemed they didn't know we were there and watching.  We noticed a large gun that stood on its end.  It was aimed at the sky.  It was a strange green color.  The Americans suddenly thought these people were dangerous.  One man wearing a white shirt proclaimed,  "They have this great gun and it is greater than our weapons".  I pointed out that they weren't pointing it at us.  They didn't seem to care.  Foolishly and in their fear, they began a war.  America took the first shots and the war began.  The natives were surprised but fought back immediately.  There were wounded and bleeding on both sides.  I refused to fight with them.  I hid away and at times people would ask me questions and I would tell them why I wouldn't fight.  I recall  the man wearing the white shirt yelling and shouting with words of fighting and war.  I watched him fall with injuries to the ground and his white shirt turned red with blood and this signified that America lost the war. end

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