Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dream # 3 About My Pastors

June 3, 2015

I dreamed me and my pastor and his wife were getting word that the two pastors would be removed from the church community. Slowly, each one of us realized it was true and we were shocked. The church community was out of line with God's Word.

My pastor began to go deep into this darkness. He went very very deep into the darkness and 'The Light' appeared and my pastor would not leave 'The Light' even if it meant he had to remain in this place that was deep darkness.

After this, my pastor's wife found 'The Light'. It was very near and she did not have to struggle to find it.

I, then found 'The Light' also. None of us would do ANYTHING to get away from 'The Light.'

I was not an equal with them. I happened to be a church member under their leadership who, at a short distance, heard of this disconnection.

I have no interpretation for this dream yet. I make no assumptions either. I have learned that the meaning can be something very different than what one would assume it might mean.

Update:  I got the meaning to this dream shortly after I had it. I shared with my pastor in private, though I can find no record of it. I failed to note it in my hand written journal and forgot to post it here in my blog.

The meaning is simple. the darkness represents a battle. The darkness is deep. It almost seems all encompassing. Pastor Chris moving into the darkness symbolizes his determination by FAITH to defeat it. When He finds 'The Light', He has found Christ, the Light of the world- John 8:12) and He has won the victory. He does not put wife, children or Love and Truth South before God. He 'remains' with and in The Light. Tami finds The Light soon after with little struggle. Tami symbolizes Pastor Chris' family. After, I find 'The Light' with ease. I symbolize Love and Truth South. The victory he wins brings victory for many. PRAY FOR PASTOR CHRIS. This battle is not his alone. It is for many. It will affect the community eventually. end

Word God gave my mother, Sue Fontaine Saturday, September 12, 2015 concerning Pastor Christopher Smith:

The day we had the connect group meeting our Pastor had a migraine and his wife a toothache and the youngest son was sick. We stayed in the church and prayed and during this prayer time God showed me something. I saw a dark spirit behind Pastor and it was like tar grabbing him on the right, the middle and the left . Then I saw black clouds rolling in over Jackson, the Love and Truth Churches and the members. After a while I saw a bright shiny light like a huge headlight shine between the clouds and the clouds separated and the light shone on our pastor's face as he smiled.but the evil spirit was sent from a person or group against us. So we must keep praying but I know that God will come through those clouds and after the storms we will have victory!-end

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