Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dark Leader Will Rule the World

April 6, 2010

I  just had a very troubling vision. It has made me weak and my body is trembling.

I see the man I have seen in visions before.  He has been hidden but will not be hidden much longer.  He has not been seen or known but he is soon to come forward.  I see him wearing a fine suit and surrounded by supporters.  The supporters are Americans.  They look wealthy.  They look like very patriotic Americans.  I see the women wearing dresses of bright red.  They are applauding and celebrating this man.  Is this man Jewish?  I don't know. I know he has some affiliation with Israel, though.  He is not a real tall man.  He looks very average.  His smile is always on his face. (He could be telling someone , 'Kill all the people' and the smile would remain.)  The feeling I get about the people who are supporting him in this country, America is that they are either Republican or of the Tea Party.  How they are deceived, I don't know.  I hear a voice say, 'They are desperate for their cause.  They need a leader and a king that will be great in talent so they, in their flesh and with blinded, worldly eyes embrace this leader.'  There is deception, great evil and darkness in this man's heart.  These supporters just cannot see it.  In their fear, they embrace him as hope.

The 'Dark' Man and His Suit (and what it means)

I look at the man's suit closely.  He almost seems mismatched.  But he is not.  He is clothed very well, in the style of a wealthy man that seems to know fashion.  I see no wrinkles in his clothing and they are spotless.  This is what those seeing with worldly eyes see.  But the man's suit reveals his plan and what he seeks.

His pants are pale yellow (which in my dreams and visions of the past represent the Christian Church).  He wears this color as trousers for his hands and his head and his heart seeks to be above the nation of Christ/the church.  He seeks to subdue them and be 'Lord above the Most High God'.

He is wearing a jacket with a very small plaid design.  The tight plaid with several colors in it reveals that he is not a man with a heart for one nation (America).  But he wears many 'nations'.  It is his robe and he wears the nations for he is their king.  The jacket rests on his shoulders and cover his back for they are like an armor and they will protect and defend him.  The jacket which represents powers of nations of Earth rests above the trousers/pants that represents the church, the body of Christ as his rule is about the world and not about the church.  He seeks to subdue the Christians.

His hair is thick and course and black.  When I look at his hair I hear a shout.  'King David has come!!!!!  He has returned!!!!!'  This has something to do with the nation of Israel.

I see Dick Cheney (an anti-John the Baptist) and this 'man'.  I hear the words, 'A deal made with the devil'. I do think that these two men have seen one another face to face.

I hope this man's time is not upon us.  If it is and I see this man's face celebrated, I fear I will faint with heavy sorrow.  For that will mean that a horrible time is coming.  Worse than America or the world can even fathom.  Our ability to withstand will fail.  Only God's strength will cause us to endure. End

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