Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Sign in the Sky

I am probably going to be posting more intense things. I've shared some intense things but in general. I will post about them with more detail.

I had a vision June 24th, 2015:

A Sign in the Sky

I looked to the sky on my left and I saw the sun almost completely covered. Something dark covered over most of the sun but a few rays escaped and beamed out on the right top of it. It looked like an eclipse but it was not an eclipse. I asked the Lord, 'What are you showing me? What does it mean'?

The Lord said, 'It is a sign. When you see this, go to the safe place I prepared for you and do not come out. When you see this sign in the sky, an evil will be unleashed. In America, you will see people seized by this evil. They will become violent and fight one another. Blood will spill out on the ground. Demons will move about in this violent time. Go into the safe place I will provide for you and stay inside and do not come out until the sign is no longer in the sky.'

In the midst of seeing this vision, I saw the robotic creature and I saw the flesh creature that it is truly powered by (a demon). I could see the same evil in the people who were fighting one another. they put their teeth together snapping at Christians with a desire to 'crush' Christians.

I also saw a delicate font/writing style with many curls in the letters. I saw this several times. Three curls which made me think of 666. But I could not read any of it. But it was demonic and affiliated with Satan. I believe this is the same writing I saw on the chest of the robotic creature.end

I also saw the United States as parched, thin and worn. I saw Louisiana again either flooded and/or sinking. I could feel multiple natural disasters occurring in the U.S.A. and happening close together.

June 25, 2015

I saw the sun with the dark covering over it again only this time it was not to my left in the sky. It was in the center of the sky. It were as though I were laying on the ground looking up at it. I believe the message in this is that this event is coming sooner. end

July, 2015

I watched a special documentary about different types of weapons the Nazi's were in the process of making. I was a bit shocked when I saw the part about the 'death ray'. I'm going to post a YouTube video here that will describe what this weapon is about. I was very amazed as I saw this. I would have never dreamed something like this had been thought about as early as the 16th century and later by Wernher Von Braun with the Nazi's.

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