Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Call to Ministry

My husband, who is a fantastic leader and provider who serves God wholly does not have time to read my blog. So, it is interesting that this post is about him.

God has been speaking to me for about a week regarding a direction for my husband (and therefore our family). Today, God was more specific.

I saw Christ speaking with a clear voice to my husband. He is telling Randy what to do. This involves ministry and most likely, it involves work for the family physical provisions. It feels a bit strong and stark; the change seems a little 'radical'. God will not show me what this is.

As I prayed though I began to sense involvement with a church we visited called SoulQuest. I saw the pastor many times. This feels right. And despite what I know and love about my church, I know this is right.

So, I will pray whether I share this with my husband or if God wants me to stay silent about this. God will show us, lead us and provide for us. end

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