Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stormy Sky/Tornado

As I sought the Lord, I saw the Lord spread out across the sky. He was like a great storm brewing and growing. At first, I simply praised the Lord and turned to Jesus who was sitting close by me and was encouraging me. Then I looked at God so vast and broad as the sky but filled with storm clouds. I did not feel anger from God. This was not about anger. This is about the time we live in. As a watchman, I have had dream upon dream about stormy skies, storms; looking to the sky for the storm 'that is coming'. The storm 'that is coming' is something God has shown me to be real and extreme. He has been showing me this for 26 years.

I look to God and I ask why He presents Himself as a storm at this time? I only could feel and sense that clouds moving with greater motion. Then I saw a tornado form. The tornado finally made its way down to the 'ground' but it wasn't the ground- it was my stomach. I began to feel the Spirit of God, as this moving tornado, taking up into the stormy sky something out of me. The Lord moved in my belly, in my stomach, in my heart and my lungs; to the DEEPEST places in me. I prayed as this went on for Him to do all He desires with me. I trust Him!

This tornado moved in my being for about 2 hours. At one point, I felt something being poured INTO ME rather than OUT OF ME. After two hours, I began to pray for the lost and for the church. I pray for the healing and the correction of the people of God. Without change, we will have less success reaching the lost. So, I pray, God bring correction with whatever it takes!

After all of this, the Lord showed me nothing more. A silence I am unaccustomed to simply rested as I prayed.

There are several things I have not had the chance to share on my blog. I hope to have time to share them soon.


My pastor called forward the intercessors at our prayer meeting Saturday. He had us anointed with oil and spoke a word over us about deeper levels of intercession and about strange things we will experience. He even shared that at times we might feel like we are dying as we pray.

In my last post, I shared that a shift had come. Since then, I have noticed another 'change' in the spiritual. In some ways, it seems as though the terrain is no longer familiar. My body is full of unrest as I pray. I see only a few glimpses of things and get  no meaning for them. This is not a usual experience for me. I saw:

The Statue of Liberty. I believe I saw her walking down a great hall. Then I saw the Queen walking down her hall.

Dry, dry land like a desert but I saw hills of dry, hard dirt. end

As I prayed for the lost and I prayed for the church, I wept and prayed in a way I have not prayed before.

There has been another massive change in the spiritual. I felt led to pray for something I sense in the Spirit but have no specific knowledge of.  This does happen often but I can't explain the 'difference' that I feel in the 'spiritual climate'.

Things seem to be happening rapidly. God help us.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Visions: A Shift in the U.S./ Pharaoh Living Again

July 12, 2015

As I prayed for the lost, the Lord showed me the following:

'A shift is happening now. A great shift is happening. With this shift will come more visible signs in Heaven and Earth. A stronger demonic power is being unleashed and given more power than it had before,' says God.

I then see a dark sky and the moon. I cannot tell if it is a full moon or a new moon or anything in between. I see the dark sky. I do see some stars.

I see a map of the United States. It is a view of my country at night. I see about 1/3 of the lights go out so that portion of the U.S. is in complete darkness. It looks as though a massive black out has occurred. I see more darkness out west more than any other region. I see darkness in areas of central U.S. and some areas are in the south eastern states.

I see the Egyptian that arose from death again. I saw this in a vision about 10 years ago. It is an ancient Egyptian king that is resurrected.

I realize for the first time that this is the same Egyptian I see in the vision of a creature with an arm in every nation. I see the letters that curl on its chest. I cannot read nor do I have any understanding about this writing/symbolism on its chest. Three curls do make me think of 666 but I can't say that is true by God; only in my thoughts.

I see the creature with the straight black hair cut straight above the shoulders and combed out of its face. It bears evil eyes but its teeth are like metal and it bites with great strength and force. I remember when I saw this before, I heard a voice tell me 'It will crush the bones of Christians into powder!'

I feel weak and a great heaviness comes upon me.

I hear the Lord say, 'I hardened the heart of Pharaoh and delivered my people. I hardened his heart, yes. Yes, the Pharaohs are dead from ancient Egypt. But I bring back one whose heart I have also hardened. This is what was dead but is alive again that you see. It is a great leader with a hardened heart. I bring this back.'

I see the creature that looks robotic. The Lord has given me a comparison of the creature with hands/feet in every nation with Jesus' teaching of the vine and the branches. This creature is clearly an antichrist. This robotic and metal picture God shows me of this power is technological. This living demon operates (that I saw rise up out of a pit) through technology and it gains power in every nation because of this technology.

The Lord speaks, 'This shift is a shift into deeper darkness (evil). Now things will happen that just seem impossible and unexplained. Even human behavior will seem unusual and illogical. And you will see that division of sheep from goat becoming more prevalent. It will be more obvious now. More seen than felt (for it was mostly felt before). Seek and trust in Me. Stay in My Word and in My Presence so you will not be deceived. What will happen in America will be beyond what anyone could conceive or imagine. But I AM in charge. I AM powerful. My angels are in the Earth. Do not despair or let fear take your heart. I AM YOUR GOD. And I will not forsake you.'

A Call to Ministry

My husband, who is a fantastic leader and provider who serves God wholly does not have time to read my blog. So, it is interesting that this post is about him.

God has been speaking to me for about a week regarding a direction for my husband (and therefore our family). Today, God was more specific.

I saw Christ speaking with a clear voice to my husband. He is telling Randy what to do. This involves ministry and most likely, it involves work for the family physical provisions. It feels a bit strong and stark; the change seems a little 'radical'. God will not show me what this is.

As I prayed though I began to sense involvement with a church we visited called SoulQuest. I saw the pastor many times. This feels right. And despite what I know and love about my church, I know this is right.

So, I will pray whether I share this with my husband or if God wants me to stay silent about this. God will show us, lead us and provide for us. end

Dream # 3 About My Pastors

June 3, 2015

I dreamed me and my pastor and his wife were getting word that the two pastors would be removed from the church community. Slowly, each one of us realized it was true and we were shocked. The church community was out of line with God's Word.

My pastor began to go deep into this darkness. He went very very deep into the darkness and 'The Light' appeared and my pastor would not leave 'The Light' even if it meant he had to remain in this place that was deep darkness.

After this, my pastor's wife found 'The Light'. It was very near and she did not have to struggle to find it.

I, then found 'The Light' also. None of us would do ANYTHING to get away from 'The Light.'

I was not an equal with them. I happened to be a church member under their leadership who, at a short distance, heard of this disconnection.

I have no interpretation for this dream yet. I make no assumptions either. I have learned that the meaning can be something very different than what one would assume it might mean.

Update:  I got the meaning to this dream shortly after I had it. I shared with my pastor in private, though I can find no record of it. I failed to note it in my hand written journal and forgot to post it here in my blog.

The meaning is simple. the darkness represents a battle. The darkness is deep. It almost seems all encompassing. Pastor Chris moving into the darkness symbolizes his determination by FAITH to defeat it. When He finds 'The Light', He has found Christ, the Light of the world- John 8:12) and He has won the victory. He does not put wife, children or Love and Truth South before God. He 'remains' with and in The Light. Tami finds The Light soon after with little struggle. Tami symbolizes Pastor Chris' family. After, I find 'The Light' with ease. I symbolize Love and Truth South. The victory he wins brings victory for many. PRAY FOR PASTOR CHRIS. This battle is not his alone. It is for many. It will affect the community eventually. end

Word God gave my mother, Sue Fontaine Saturday, September 12, 2015 concerning Pastor Christopher Smith:

The day we had the connect group meeting our Pastor had a migraine and his wife a toothache and the youngest son was sick. We stayed in the church and prayed and during this prayer time God showed me something. I saw a dark spirit behind Pastor and it was like tar grabbing him on the right, the middle and the left . Then I saw black clouds rolling in over Jackson, the Love and Truth Churches and the members. After a while I saw a bright shiny light like a huge headlight shine between the clouds and the clouds separated and the light shone on our pastor's face as he smiled.but the evil spirit was sent from a person or group against us. So we must keep praying but I know that God will come through those clouds and after the storms we will have victory!-end

Deeper Sorrow/Prayer

I've gotten several visions from the Lord the last few days. I've just not posted them yet. My only reason is that I don't want to really think about them. I prayed to the Lord about this. I've always had this back and forth experience with feeling a need to share what God has shown me and then not wanting to even think about what He has shown me. The Lord showed me that my reasons for procrastination is about grief. I have such a heaviness and such a deep sorrow in me. The Lord has given it to me for the purpose of prayer, first and foremost.

On the 14th, yesterday, I was more consumed with grief than usual. I feel like I am at a funeral. Solemn and sad and in ways numb. My heart truly breaks for the things that are happening now and that are to come.

I am reading Ezekiel now. This is transforming my prayer for the lost. I hadn't thought anything of it. I didn't expect this. My prayers are from a greater grief. They are more specific with questions and things I had not thought to pray before. I am also finding myself pushing myself; going deeper and seeking to be more sensitive as I pray. I want to be God's vessel in prayer. I long to evangelize and prophesy but prayer is the first calling God has given me with most all He shows me.

The first thing I learned about praying for the lost is that you do indeed pray for the lost but you will also pray for the church/the body of Christ. We are supposed to labor the harvest. We have work to do.

After a long talk with the Lord about my procrastination, I realize I have to abstain from avoidance and not spare my own emotional state. Just as I must care for my children and tend to my home, I also must have discipline in the area of my blog and sharing the things God shows me.

I will post the visions I've had in the last few days in a bit.

Pray without ceasing. Fast and pray for the world. Pray for the church and the lost. Stay in the Word of God. Seek God. Seek His presence. Dark times are here and darker ones are to come. end

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Visions 7/10 and 7/11


While praying for the lost, I began to see a state (of the U.S.A) covered in water. It wasn't real deep but it covered the entire state and possibly parts of surrounding states.

In a past dream, I saw the state of Michigan flooded. In that dream, me and a few other Christians traveled to Michigan for we knew something important was in a  barn/storage area in that state. The water had receded and was not quite knee high. The sky was very blue and to all of us it was very celebrated. The sky had not been clear or blue for a very long time. (I will find the dream and list the date I had it)

After I had this vision, I went into the hall where I have a map of the U.S.A hanging. I am certain the state in my vision is Michigan. The other states affected were Ohio, Illinois, northern Indiana and Western Wisconsin.

I had not considered this when I had the dream but later, I realized that flooding could easily happen in this area due to the Great Lakes in the region.

I don't know what causes the flooding. end

7/11/15 (Vision of the dark leader)

While praying for the lost, I saw the 'dark' leader smiling. He is always smiling. I see his coarse black hair with some grey in it. I see him as a snake; as a serpent.

At one point I see him wearing the blue color (like in my vision of the winged creature). He could be wearing a U.N. hardhat/helmet.

Then I see him sitting on a throne. The throne feels vile and evil.

I see that he has masses of Christians killed. end

7/11/15 (Vision of young people)

I see a great number of young people praising God. They are true Christians. They are the army of the Lord led by Joshua. They will shout and the walls of their enemies will fall. This is an army of obedience to God. end

7/11/15 (Passion for outreach)

The Lord suddenly gave me a deeper passion  for outreach ministry. I was filled with joy and energy. It reminded me of how I felt when I first gave my life to Christ. I'm very excited. I will be praying what type or kind of outreach ministry God wants me to do.

I see the faces of two female friends. I pray concerning all I have seen. end

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Russia & China: A Missile


As I pray for the lost I see the following:

I see something moving fast just above the waters of an ocean. I then see Vladmir Putin (as I have for many years, with anger toward America). I then realize what I am seeing above the waters is some kind of bomb/missile. Vladmir Putin is sending this missile. It's fast, deliberate and focused. I then see the leader of China standing to Putin's right. I see a symbol on the missile symbols that look to be a mixture of the Chinese and Russian flags. I believe it is aimed at America, though I do not see where it hits. 

I then see Earth and as the missile hits I see the entire planet shake for a moment. The whole world will be shaken by this. end.

God's Sorrow: He Brings America Down

Sunday at church my pastor had a statue of the Statue of Liberty on the platform and an American flag behind him. There was also an American flag brought in while the Battle Hymn of The Republic was being sang. I was taken by surprise to find all these things happening and I was grieved in my spirit. Though my pastor's message about Christ and the commitment needed to be made by His people was very good. I could only find contradiction and mystery in him bringing America into a sermon about God. These symbols have NOTHING to do with God and should not be in the church. To see a graven image sitting in the place where people make an altar to God to pray was very troubling for me. To hear a song that was sang as men went to war to kill other men was grievous for me. America has a history of taking God and putting Him into the things they do, even if what they are doing is ungodly. It's wrong. I refuse to pledge alleigance to ANYTHING other than the Creator, God. I will not worship creation. America is a nation that was created.

I'm grateful I was born in America. I do love my country. I pray for my country daily. I have a deep compassion for those who have fought in every war. I have a deep love for veterans. I love people.

I went home and began to pray. I believe I prayed about 4 hours with this grief. Then the Lord answered me with the following:


God showed me his sorrow. I felt sorrow like moving water; a stream. My sorrow flowed along with it for the Lord imparted some of His sorrow to me in 2001. I heard the cries of many people. The cries came out of and sounded out of this moving water. The water became larger. It became a great river of sorrow flowing as though God was weeping for His sorrow had become greater. I heard the Lord say, 'THE WORLD IF FULL OF SIN AND MY PEOPLE ARE FULL OF ERROR.'

Regarding the flags and statue in the sanctuary God clearly called it, 'ABOMINATION.' And I sensed God's jealousy. He is a jealous God.

I continue to feel the river of sorrow and it is as though it is flowing through my body as though I am land and the river runs through me.

I then see a sea. The sorrow has become greater. The sea is a raging sea. I see a cyclone in it and it is moving very, very fast. The sorrow has become so great that it has turned to rage. I hear a voice say, 'A sea of sorrow turning into rage.' I hear this several times as I see this cyclone of water moving so fast. I sense the water doing great damage as it hits America. God is so full of sorrow.


Though the waters are violent and loud with rage, God speaks with great sorrow.

I recall God saying to me many times (over the last 10 years) that He will bring down the light of America so His light can be seen and many can be saved.

It's sad to see how American Christians try to life God up on American patriotism, pride and all the idols that goes with them. How can the world see Jesus if He is being presented with these idols and the pride of an earthen nation, America? It will pass away with the rest of the world. What will not pass away is the Kingdom of God. For myself, I am first a citizen of this kingdom and second, a citizen of America. I will promote God's Kingdom. I will not promote America. I will not speak lies of America but I will not promote her.

People believe it is Christian command to 'get back to our American values.' America is just another earthly nation; a stop on the way to eternity. God has blessed us with this nation and given us the ability to freely serve, assemble and share the Gospel. And we have taken advantage of that. Now, it is time for America to fall and for God to further rise. A great revival will come but not in the way most Americans believe it will come.

I have no interest  in 'redeeming' America. I am interested in redeeming souls IN America. This is what we are commanded to do.

I will state again here at the end of this post that America was not really founded on Christian principles. So many of our founding fathers were Deists. Thomas Jefferson created his own bible. He took the Word of God and removed parts he didn't like and he served God by this gospel. The Statue of Liberty was constructed by a Freemason. Freemasons are a secret society. And my church, Love and Truth South opposes secret societies. So I find a great contradiction in my pastor's actions.

Dark Leader Will Rule the World

April 6, 2010

I  just had a very troubling vision. It has made me weak and my body is trembling.

I see the man I have seen in visions before.  He has been hidden but will not be hidden much longer.  He has not been seen or known but he is soon to come forward.  I see him wearing a fine suit and surrounded by supporters.  The supporters are Americans.  They look wealthy.  They look like very patriotic Americans.  I see the women wearing dresses of bright red.  They are applauding and celebrating this man.  Is this man Jewish?  I don't know. I know he has some affiliation with Israel, though.  He is not a real tall man.  He looks very average.  His smile is always on his face. (He could be telling someone , 'Kill all the people' and the smile would remain.)  The feeling I get about the people who are supporting him in this country, America is that they are either Republican or of the Tea Party.  How they are deceived, I don't know.  I hear a voice say, 'They are desperate for their cause.  They need a leader and a king that will be great in talent so they, in their flesh and with blinded, worldly eyes embrace this leader.'  There is deception, great evil and darkness in this man's heart.  These supporters just cannot see it.  In their fear, they embrace him as hope.

The 'Dark' Man and His Suit (and what it means)

I look at the man's suit closely.  He almost seems mismatched.  But he is not.  He is clothed very well, in the style of a wealthy man that seems to know fashion.  I see no wrinkles in his clothing and they are spotless.  This is what those seeing with worldly eyes see.  But the man's suit reveals his plan and what he seeks.

His pants are pale yellow (which in my dreams and visions of the past represent the Christian Church).  He wears this color as trousers for his hands and his head and his heart seeks to be above the nation of Christ/the church.  He seeks to subdue them and be 'Lord above the Most High God'.

He is wearing a jacket with a very small plaid design.  The tight plaid with several colors in it reveals that he is not a man with a heart for one nation (America).  But he wears many 'nations'.  It is his robe and he wears the nations for he is their king.  The jacket rests on his shoulders and cover his back for they are like an armor and they will protect and defend him.  The jacket which represents powers of nations of Earth rests above the trousers/pants that represents the church, the body of Christ as his rule is about the world and not about the church.  He seeks to subdue the Christians.

His hair is thick and course and black.  When I look at his hair I hear a shout.  'King David has come!!!!!  He has returned!!!!!'  This has something to do with the nation of Israel.

I see Dick Cheney (an anti-John the Baptist) and this 'man'.  I hear the words, 'A deal made with the devil'. I do think that these two men have seen one another face to face.

I hope this man's time is not upon us.  If it is and I see this man's face celebrated, I fear I will faint with heavy sorrow.  For that will mean that a horrible time is coming.  Worse than America or the world can even fathom.  Our ability to withstand will fail.  Only God's strength will cause us to endure. End

The Coming Queen

April 16, 2010

Christian to Christian Persecution

I've been having visions about this for about a week now.

It began when I stepped outside the other night.  I thought I saw someone sitting in my van.  It was very strange and sudden.  I froze and looked through the window into the van.  I sensed danger.  I realized there was no one in my van but the feeling didn't leave me.  I prayed.  I heard strange words in my head like 'Did you hear about the one that died/was killed?'

I hear the words 'The enemy is lurking.  The enemy is very near.'


I see a dark army in the distance across a field.  They are looking at me.  I know they will attack but they haven't been given the word to charge.  I see them at a distance.  They are clothed in black and their number is great.  I am facing them and they are facing me.  I am holding no weapon or shield. I am simply standing in the middle of a great field.  I am not hidden.  I am wearing white clothing. The army plans to attack.  I am planning no attack.

The Lord shows me that the great army is going to attack the people of God. 



I hear the words, 'The enemy is lurking.  The enemy is very near.'

I see this woman sitting next to me in my van.  I am in the driver's seat.  She is sitting in the passenger's seat.  She is breathing and has flesh on her.  She looks like a human being but I know inwardly she is a demonic force.  She is staring me in the eye but not saying a word.  She is caucasian.  She looks young but rather ordinary.  She is looking at me.  I am amazed that she is sitting so close to me, in the flesh. I can see her chest rising up and down, hear her breathing and see her skin.

I hear the words, 'The enemy is lurking.  The enemy is very near.'

I feel this great heaviness and begin to pray to the Lord about this. I see the woman again.  And it startles me a little.  I realize this is the Lord showing me something.  I pray further.


I feel a sense of urgency as I pray about this woman.  I see her again walking down a great hall.  I see angels stepping aside as they let her pass down this hallway.  Her walk is very majestic.  She seems royal.  The Lord says, 'I AM SENDING HER.'  This seems strange for I know this is a demonic force that will attack God's people.  How is it that HE sends this?

I pray for the church and the Lord stops some of my prayers and says, 'THE TIME HAS COME.'
I feel His hand of judgement.  After hearing this, I feel led to pray with great fervor, 'Lord, let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.'  After this, the Lord led me into praise.  'Lord, God, I praise you.  Holy are you God.  Holy, holy, holy are you Lord God who is Lord over all the earth and in the Heavens.  Praise be to your name, O Holy God Almighty who's Son shed his blood for the remission of sins.'  I tremble because I feel God's hand of judgment.

I am led into weeping and deeper prayer.  I see the astonishment, confusion, fear and horror this woman brings.

I see the woman again.  She is wearing a crown and holding a staff.  The Lord shows me the following:

'THIS IS THE PERSECUTION IN ENGLAND DONE IN MY NAME. MANY LEFT HER IN SEARCH FOR FREEDOM FROM RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION.  MANY CAME TO AMERICA. BUT THIS QUEEN IS BACK. SHE IS NOT FAR AWAY. SHE HAS NOT   I have allowed her to return.  It will shock so many.  The force that shed the blood of so many has been allowed to return.  She will operate, again, through human hands, even in my name.  She will shed the blood of my people again.  I bring her to America.  The time has come.  The time has come.  I hold things back no longer.'

God's Hand of Protection Removed from America

September 19, 2009

The Lord gave me the following vision:

I saw flames.  Fire.  Lots of flames.  I could almost feel the heat.   I heard the words, 'The fire will burn them.  It will touch their hands; their bodies.  It will do harm to them.'  Then I saw a friend of mine, who is a community organizer for healthcare reform amidst the flames.  She was standing in front of me but surrounded by the hot flames.  I saw her fall down on her side on the ground.  She was in pain.  The fire was hurting her.  I saw this several  times.  Then I noticed at one point when she fell, she fell into what looked like a hallowed out piece of earth.  And a picture of bombs went through my mind.  Flames, fire, an explosion or weapon being used against people in the US. When I saw my friend, I knew that healthcare reform would not truly come. end

I have felt so alone for a while. I have nearly felt 'abandoned' by God.   My faith has been challenged in ways it never has been before.

I see two angels.  I ask them what is happening in the vision.  An angel speaks to me.  'THE RIGHT WILL STRIKE BACK VERY HARD.'  I hear this several times.  'Right' meaning the right wing of politics and those who follow as opposed to the liberal left winged.  I see more flames.  I hear the words, 'shock and awe'.  I see the eyes of many people.  They are full of shock and sorrow.  They seem to be witnessing something they did not expect.

I ask the Lord, 'Why do you show me this?'  He says to me firmly, 'MY WORDS HAVE NOT CHANGED.  WHAT I TOLD YOU WOULD HAPPEN TO AMERICA YEARS AGO, IS STILL HAPPENING AND ALL THAT I'VE SAID WILL BE FULFILLED.  THE WORLD IS FULL OF SIN.  MY PEOPLE ARE FULL OF ERROR.'  Immediately I'm taken back to the many times the Lord showed me how he was removing a protective hand he had over America, how the clouds of his judgement have rolled in upon this nation and how this nation must fall in order to save souls. I've heard these words them since before 9/11.  At one time, they frightened me terribly.  But as I hear this tonight, I no longer feel fear.  I feel only deep sorrow.



I ask, 'What do me and my family do?'  He says, 'ENDURE.  DO WHAT IS RIGHT IN MY EYES.'  Then I hear the voice of Christ Jesus as I have heard before.  "REMEMBER MY WORDS.'  He has told this before but he says something else.  He tells me something I haven't heard him say before.  'REMEMBER MY WORDS FOR THERE WILL COME A TIME WHEN ONLY THEY WILL SUSTAIN YOU.'  The words felt very strong and cut into my soul deeply.    A feeling filled me; a knowing that at some point in my life, the word of God will literally keep me alive.

There is a feeling of doom and defeat. And I feel a kinship in some fashion to prophets who lived in similar times.  I consider how they handled such dark times.Then I think of how I feel.  I am not afraid. just sad.  I trust the Lord.   What he says 'is'.  I could argue or disagree with God but I trust him.   His knowledge is so far above anything I can see, know, perceive or grasp. God will be God regardless of what I think, believe or how I respond.  I am not angry with him.  I feel close to him and feel grateful for such warmth.  In his presence I feel very convicted of sins I've struggled with.  I'm repentant.  I am grateful for this feeling and overwhelming desire to be cleansed and made pure.

I am so grateful and thank the Lord for his communications with me in these early hours of the morning.  Something has been clarified and set aright within me.

I will do the best I can. I will teach my children the Word and care for the sick the poor.  I will abandon fruitless endeavors.  It is imperative to follow the Lord in these days.

I feel led to pray in the spirit and to fast.  Praise be to God, our Father.  Praise and thanks to his works in the name of Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel.  end

Monday, July 6, 2015

Interpretation: Error in The Body of Christ

Error in The Body of Christ: Meaning

1. A new church building that looks old and warn and is not what I expected. Too many churches with great buildings built with a focus on the flesh (ego, pride). It looks old and warn inside meaning spiritually it is unkempt. It operates more in the flesh than the Spirit. The disappointment symbolizes what so many experience when they walk into a church. They are looking for righteousness, compassion, love and correction but they sadly find ritual, judgement, confusion, disorder, a lack of correction and pain.

2. Waiting for music that never began. The bleak color. True worship is not happening in many congregations of the church and its importance is expressed throughout the old and new testaments of God's Word..  The bleak color represents two things:  dullness and apathy within the church and fatigue and weariness  in believers due to operating in the strength of their flesh rather than than the Holy Spirit.

3. The mother, baby and father. There is about sexual immorality, manipulation; lack of obedience to the Word of God by some ministers regarding tolerance of sexual immorality and/or commitment in prayer and ministry to the family.The pastoral role is important because of the problem in American culture concerning the family unit. Sadly, the dysfunction of the world has made its way into the church and many congregations have lowered their standard to that of the worlds rather than hold it up to God's. But there is even more in this part of the dream. An element of warning is here. Christians will find it hard to turn their back and not give in to ministering in a way that is actually correct. It may feel like rejection and seem unkind but offense exists and offense will be and will come. Those who will not be offended, remain offended and overcome offense will be greatly blessed by the obedience of those who obeyed God in their lives. THIS IS A GREAT WORD OF WISDOM.

4. The large, empty inactive  room. The candy and how I gave it out. The hall. The room symbolizes the great potential of the church but it is as though a large portion of the church has forgotten it is here! A large portion of the church has forgotten portions of promise in the Word of God!  Perhaps they know it is there but they do not see it for what it is so we must pray that their eyes be opened. Others may see but they find it is requires too much commitment and selflessness to operate in it. They indeed need prayer! I can't help but fear for them as they stand before God and explain why they KNEW and they did NOT pursue. Lord God help us all! The candy symbolizes blessings of God. They are not nourishment. They are pure enjoyment! Giving my daughter candy represents HANDING DOWN BLESSING to my children. Having my child give candy to others symbolizes TEACHING HER TO SHARE 'BLESSING' to others. This is about the importance of involving your children in ministry by example, participation and teaching. It represents legacy of ministry that is needed. This area truly shows the potential and the hope Christ has for the church.

5. The large room I rested in and the ministers at night. The enormity of the room suggests it has great capacity yet I am alone in the room with the oppressive and sick color because of the problems in the church. Hearing the young ministers talking at a time when people should be resting points to an aspect of being 'out of harmony' with God; relying more on their abilities than upon God's Holy Spirit.

6. Awakening before others and venturing the church. This symbolizes what Christians should do. They should awaken early rather than procrastinate and be complacent as they examine themselves individually and look up on the body of Christ as a whole. Venturing the church also represents the importance of praying for the church; interceding for the church. AWAKEN AND PRAY!!

7. The lead pastor sleeping.  I think this meaning is clear. After reading number 6, it means there are pastors who are complacent and unaware. Sleep also symbolizes a disconnection with reality. Sleeping is for the renewing of our physical strength in our physical body. While sleeping, we are disconnected from the world. This sound was so loud and echoed through every room of this large church. It is a painful sound. These sleeping pastors must awaken to the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, the will of God and see the needs of their congregation and community and become more committed, sacrificing more of themselves and operating in the Spirit more.

8. The kitchen. The biscuits. The eggs.  The kitchen is the place where food is prepared so in regard to the church, this is about spiritual nourishment and food. The kitchen looks warn as if much work is being done but the food they worked hard to make is not of the best quality for the ministers are operating too much in the flesh. It is a fully functioning kitchen and able to prepare nourishment and at times, does for the kitchen represents THE FULLY EQUIPPED CHURCH. The partially eaten biscuits represent food that was good but those who ate refused to eat to fullness. These Christians want to be filled with 'some' of the food; some of the gospel but aren't willing to take in the FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL. The eggs that are partially burned represent the opposite. This is nourishment made ready to give to Christians but it is not very edible. This shows the error in those who teach, preach and lead in many congregations.

9. The shirt. The ability to leap.The joy. This part is more personal. The dirty shirt symbolizes areas I need to submit to God in or areas I need to allow God to heal. The ability to leap and the joy is about my own personal testimonies of all God had done in my life at that point; my level of freedom. Though this is a personal meaning for me, it could very well be a meaning for the church as a whole. It represents grace!

10. The job. My decision to stop. This is about making the choice to stop doing work that is fruitless. The damaged candy shows the futility of trying to do something spiritual with the ability of the physical (flesh). As Christians, we must make a decision to cease operating in such ministry attempts. It can be a good idea but if it is not an idea from God and we clearly see that, it is time to pray and seek God for the right idea. We must operate in the Spirit, by the Spirit if we want God to effectively minister life. We must be careful to not commit to something unless we have prayed about it. And when we commit, we must then express our level of commitment. We must fulfill our commitments in ministry. If we commit to a work without praying about it first, we may find ourselves working with regret and becoming less fruitful.But also be bold enough to stop working fruitless endeavors. Many are afraid to walk away from something for fear of hurting someone's feelings or fear of an angry response. Be bold. If you know it is not what you are supposed to be doing or if you recognize it is not productive and resign and give your reason why. Your boldness and honesty might not be appreciated BUT by showing the truth of the matter and taking a stand, you might find that others involved may begin to see this as you see it and this could bring a good change.

11. The young man's first shout. The dead man. The elderly men in the room. The young man's last shout.  This is a complicated area of the dream. It is where I felt the most emotional. I truly felt this was the most important aspect of the dream. I felt such sorrow for the dead man on the stairs. I also felt great sorrow for the elderly who sat in the room as unresponsive. I believe this means a lack of gratitude and care for our elders and what they offer in the church. There are also a message regarding the disrespect for spiritual elders, whether living or dying.  THOSE WHO HAVE COME BEFORE US AND PAVED THE WAY MUST NOT BE DISMISSED, HIDDEN AWAY AND DISCARDED. The young minister's first shout and complaint is the opposite of his second one. At first, he is upset that they aren't allowed to do anything. Then he is upset because they aren't doing anything. There's  A LOT of meaning in here. It just isn't about what I stated about the elderly and their ministry and the lack of proper care for them. It is also about expectations that are out of proportion in the Church in general. It is about relationship dysfunction in the church between leaders and those they lead. There are so many congregations that do not function well with the generation differences and this has become quite contentious for so many.  I do know there is even more meaning to this part. I just have not gotten it yet. I will update when the Lord gives it to me.

As I look at all 11 of these areas, I have prayed about them. I have prayed and do pray for THE Church often. If the body of Christ is not operating properly, then the lost will not be reached. So I pray also for the lost. For those who read this, please PRAY FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST AND ITS NEED FOR CORRECTION. The Lord continues to show me new things about this dream as time goes by and as I pray. Praise God forever for all He does so that we may pray and serve Him and serve one another better and better!!

The world is full of sin and my people are full of error. - Jesus

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Praying and Grieving

Today, I disagreed with some things that happened in my church service.  I did enjoy the message very much. I love my church and admire my pastor. But I didn't see the reason to have items regarding America in the church.

I've had visions and dreams about the danger of weaving together America, the Earthly nation with the Kingdom principles we have in Christ. At times, with some Christians, its seems people find America and Jesus as synonymous. I was displeased to see a touch of that going on in the service today.

Some of the reason I feel as I do, is because I've talked to so-called Christians who insisted that if we did not agree with the America Constitution and stand by it, then we could not be a Christian. I've heard numerous people tell me that America and Christ are synonymous. I've heard people say America is a Christian nation. And to not show great honor and respect to all the patriotic symbols means you are in league with the Anti Christ. I'm not exaggerating and it is very frightening.

When I got home from church, I took a nap. When I woke, I prayed for hours because the burden and pain regarding this was so heavy. I waited on the Lord, He came and He began to show me something. It was a vision among other things. I am hoping to share it tomorrow on my blog here.

I do believe people will, again, have trouble with what the Lord showed me. But He's been showing this to me for over 10 years. And it doesn't change.

Let me conclude this post with this. I love my country. I am so blessed and thankful to be an American and to have the rights I do. I am not anti-America as I have been called many times. I just believe we must live radically and give our lives and our allegiance fully to God. This does not mean we do not have respect and honor for our nation. It just means there is God and then there is the world. And America is a nation in the world. We are first Christian citizens and secondly, American. When I have said this in the past, I've also gotten scolded. But we know it is the truth. The word is clear on it just as Christ was clear in showing that His loyalty was to the Kingdom of God and not Israel nor Rome.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Taking Religious Freedom for Granted

Only true freedom comes from God. In this world, freedom comes in moments, decades and perhaps centuries at a time. But it comes to an end. DO NOT CONFUSE GOD'S FREEDOM WITH THE WORLD'S FREEDOM.

I am an American and I have been extremely blessed to be born here. I am thankful for this. God has been so good to me and my family. But there is a truth about 'freedom' that is found in the world that must be looked at. Freedom in this world is always temporary. Most often, because of the sinful nature in man. Due to the fall of the first Adam, it becomes a prison.  If anyone can see that this is truth, it would be an American. We have religious freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc. We can say what we want about ANYONE. There is no governmental consequence. We can worship Jehovah, Jesus, Allah, Satan, even Micky Mouse if we want and there is no governmental consequence. But more and more, our own freedoms are becoming prisons in America.

I see those with religious freedom taking it for granted. Those with religious freedom are 'claiming' their religious freedom is being taken away from them. I beg to differ. Can you not still assemble together to worship? Do you still have a Bible? Do preachers still preach the gospel several days of the week without the cops coming to arrest them?

People with religious freedom here in the U.S. also 'claim' they experience persecution. The mere fact that they can SAY PUBLICLY that they are being persecuted shows they are not being persecuted. Now, I know we do suffer mild forms of persecution. I know I've been called the antichrist, Satan's helper, false prophetess and was even told I get an F in Christianity. So, yeah, that happens. That type of persecution is just a scrape. You haven't been beaten because you are a Christian. You haven't had all your money and home taken from you because you are a Christian. No one has demanded to that all Bibles be burned. You haven't been put into a prison, starved or had your children taken from you and killed. You are living. You can get on your own rooftop and proclaim that Jesus is alive. Someone might think you are crazy. But this is not illegal and you are not suffering. If you think you are suffering, I'd like to see how you will do when true persecution comes.

I say all of this to show that our freedom becomes our own prison. WE TAKE OUR FREEDOMS FOR GRANTED. Many American Christians whine like babies. People shout, 'I'VE BEEN PERSECUTED. MY FREEDOMS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM ME.' And many of these very people haven't read a bible verse, helped the poor, attended church or even prayed the day they stated it. And at a time of such urgency, who actually fasts? We are like spoiled brats. We live in a nation with all these rights and freedoms and we don't utilize them, appreciate them and operate in them to the best of our ability. God has done this wonderful thing and given us such a nation with freedoms and what have we done with them? We have neglected and abused our rights and freedoms. Apathy and ingratitude is turning our freedom into prison.

As for freedom of press, I could say the same thing as I say regarding religious freedom. To me, it doesn't seem nearly as free as it once was (television news). However, you can put news on YouTube. You can say ANYTHING has happened and post it in social media and people can read it whether it is true or not. But I want to get to the more serious point about our media.

The media has become a competitive enterprise wrapped up in a prison of ratings and money. In our country telling the truth on the news isn't as important as ratings (money). The most conflicting and outrageous will be shared. News stations do not share what is of highest priority morally. And you have the left wing news and you have the right wing news. And they are pitting American against American; Christian against Christian. They are creating division. This division is a serious thing. Christ said, 'A kingdom divided cannot stand.' Whether you are a Christian or not, you probably agree with this. Where does that leave America? Our freedom is becoming our prison, our neighbor is becoming our enemy and we are facing civil war.

Because we live in a fallen world,we cannot have true freedom apart from Christ. True freedom comes only from one Kingdom. The Kingdom of God. Jesus sets us free from all the things that would destroy us.  And it is true freedom. It is an eternal freedom. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it isn't. God was here before fairy tales started being written. So fairy tales come from that need within people to find God, who has all freedom and safety. Do not believe the lie that God was created by man to fill some void or to try to explain creation. God was, is and will be before all fantasies and all other religions. The egg did not make the chicken. The chicken produced the egg.

The freedoms we have in this nation will most likely be taken from us or simply fail us. But not by some outside enemy. We will imprison ourselves by them and then all things will change. We will lose what we have not been a good steward of. By Christian and non Christian Americans.

If people will put down their protest signs about abortion and gay marriage and pick up their Bible and share Christ with others, we will really be doing the work God has called us to do. If we would turn off the news, stop ranting about politicians and start holding bible studies, going to church and taking Communion together, perhaps we could build unity as Christians and slow down this horrible division that has taken hold of America. Most of all, if Christians would just FAST AND PRAY AND SEEK THE LORD with ALL OUR MIGHT, we will have brought a great number to salvation and safety before the nation has finally fallen.

If we would just stop complaining about how we have lost freedom in America and start proclaiming the freedom that is eternal and found in Christ Jesus, America would have more hope. As Christians, we must ask ourselves, 'What are we willing to do?' and 'How committed am I to God?'

We need to figure this out NOW and if we are willing to do anything and everything God wants us to do, then revival will come and our consciences will be clearer. Yes, perhaps if we decide to follow God completely, we will have fewer regrets as a nation that had freedom religion and other freedoms.

Visions: U.S.A

October 20, 2008

I prayed about America and saw these things:

I saw the United States map.  It looked like a hard cookie.  I saw it being broken in half.  The sound was like a cookie being broken in two.  It was ripped hard and loud and completely torn.  I asked an Angel if it was real and I saw it again.  I thought 'this means a divided country'.

I saw the United States map and pouring down onto the center of it was a red liquid.  I sense something about a drowning in this red liquid.  It is not blood.

I saw the United States and all the state borders were thicker and blacker and bolder.

I prayed and saw many large rocks falling.  They were dry rocks about the size of beach balls but ragged and dusty.  It seems as though it were once a larger rock and it had broken apart into these pieces.

Dream: People with Madness, Possessed and Some Delivered

April 20, 2010

I had a very strange dream.  I was with a few other people and it seemed we were in some kind of battle.  There were people who were acting like animals, rather vicious.  Then there were those like me who were in our right minds.  I  saw one of these with us take a sharp instrument and cut open one of these animalistic people's stomach.  They cut deeply from the sternum down to the pubic bone.  He reached in and pulled out a small creature.  I can't remember what it looked like except it had a long tail like a lizard's.  I was watching people do this.  When they cut people open and took out the creature, the people returned to normal.  They were no longer acting like vicious, mindless animals.  Those doing the surgery didn't sew people's bellies back up and there was no blood from the wounds.  Their bellies remained opened for a time but healed on their own.

We were close to a beach.  I knew there were people who needed this 'procedure' in the ocean water.  As me and another found some of these people in the water a great tide came.  I knew the tide was to do with the battle.  When the wave came down and crashed on the beach, several seals were washed up to shore.  I believe they swam away shortly after.  The wave didn't affect us but we had thought it might.

I cut someone open and began to pull out the creature I knew was inside.  I pulled out two creatures.  They both had only one eye in the center of their heads.  The first was larger and looked like a dragon.  I was surprised to pull out a second creature.  It looked like a pig, with the one eye and then the lizard's tail.  They were both alive and scurried off after I pulled them out of the belly of a person.

I wondered if I should sew this person up afterward.  I noticed one sewing in a narrow green thread but it wasn't out of necessity but out of love.  It was a symbol of love.  Kids were dancing around in their freedom from these animals.  It seemed my youngest was one that had gotten freed by this procedure.  end

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Bride: Shaking Off Ornaments of The World

April 15, 2010

The Bride in Sack Cloth
The Lord says:

"I'm shaking off the ornaments, the jewelry, the scarves and the decorative clothing.  All the pretty things that are for pleasure but do not warm or serve a purpose I am removing.  I'm stripping down my bride.  I'm taking away all the that has to do with the world.  She will feel bare, ugly and pale.  She will feel plain and unattractive.  But I am taking away all the things she dresses herself with.  She will be left wearing a sack cloth but it will be white.  And it will please me.  So, Kim, your words will not be like precious gems, colorful scarves or lovely shades.  You words will not always be decorative or pretty.
When I speak through you, she will feel ugly, unattractive and pale because my words will not decorate or add color.  Nor will it tolerate such things.  She will feel robbed and accuse me of being the thief taking treasures from her.  She will falsely accuse you of many things.  But I am not the thief.  I take away what was never hers to wear!  I did not give her those ornaments!  She put them on and took pride in her beauty proclaiming, 'The Lord gave them to me.'

I did not.  She took them from the world.  And I am removing them with hard words.  But I will praise her when she is pale, wearing the sack cloth and has stopped being proud.  Her beauty will be the most beautiful gem in the world for she will be made Holy."

Dream: Ted Cruz and Gay Opposition

August 23, 2013

I learned that the ‘dark’ leader is possibly a senator. He is a political figure before the world; he is in the forefront now. Many talk about how they would like him to become president (either 2016 or 2020). His name is Ted Cruz. He is a foreigner. Canadian and Cuban but an American. He renounced his Canadian citizenship. Upon getting the news that this man is here now, I was very, very upset. Weeping and praying for when or if becomes president, bad things will happen. My hope is that we can pray and that he won’t come into power as a president. My hope is that I heard God wrong. I want to be wrong because I know what I was told and shown was a terrible thing. One thing is for certain, TED CRUZ HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE DARK LEADER IF HE IS NOT THE DARK LEADER.

I had a dream about this man. I dreamed someone was telling me that this man did not sleep. I couldn’t imagine how this is possible. Then I was told that he was to debate a man but it kept being protested severly. People were very loud and numerous. They would even lay in the floor, laying on one another. They seemed to wear some kind of bright clothing and make up and jewelry. I saw mostly women. The feeling I get about these bright colors is that these people may represent the gay community. The effort to have this debate was tried many times. One of the days I saw the protesters dropping stones and small items. I felt they represented runes and the use of magic. But it felt like Voodoo. I asked where the debate is being held. I heard someone say California. But I wasn’t convinced where it was. Just in the U.S. The man Cruz is going to debate seems to have facial hair, a beard and mustache and short hair. He does not seem like a politician at all. I see him looking strained. I see him in a great crowd of people. It is very crowded. Cruz is very calm and patient. He is not bothered by all the delays, loud protests, etc. He remained neat and fixed on his debate. The end.

Dream of Coming War

This dream was very intense and God has not shown me who this war is with. America seems to start it, foolishly and despite efforts to avoid war, we do go into war. And we loose the war. Most often when I have a dream, I represent wisdom and insight and sometimes I represent the church (as a symbol). In this dream I represent wisdom and insight. Let us always pray for our nation, try to live as peacefully as possible with others and pray for our nations leaders.

Pray always. Stay in the Word always. Have faith in God always. GOD IS OUR SOURCE, Christians.

APRIL 10, 2003

I dreamed that I was with a group of Americans.  We were like tourists watching a native tribe.  It seemed they didn't know we were there and watching.  We noticed a large gun that stood on its end.  It was aimed at the sky.  It was a strange green color.  The Americans suddenly thought these people were dangerous.  One man wearing a white shirt proclaimed,  "They have this great gun and it is greater than our weapons".  I pointed out that they weren't pointing it at us.  They didn't seem to care.  Foolishly and in their fear, they began a war.  America took the first shots and the war began.  The natives were surprised but fought back immediately.  There were wounded and bleeding on both sides.  I refused to fight with them.  I hid away and at times people would ask me questions and I would tell them why I wouldn't fight.  I recall  the man wearing the white shirt yelling and shouting with words of fighting and war.  I watched him fall with injuries to the ground and his white shirt turned red with blood and this signified that America lost the war. end

The Demon with an Arm in Every Nation

I will warn you. This is one of the most difficult, frightening and dark things God has shown me. I actually try not to think about it. The important thing when we hear such words is to ALWAYS remember that GOD IS GREATER and if we seek the Kingdom of God first, ALL OUR NEEDS WILL BE PROVIDED and God is our refuge and strength. This I MUST emphasize. GOD IS MOST POWERFUL. Nothing that happens in the Earth surprises Him. And HE IS FAITHFUL TO HIS PEOPLE (read John 14 and 15). In John 15, you will read Jesus talking about how He is THE Vine. God has shown me that this demon is a false vine and anti-Christ.

OCTOBER 19, 2004

The Demon with Arms Reaching Into Every Nation

I see politicians who are conversing and have wicked smiles. Then I sense a presence that chills me. I turn around (in the spirit) and see a creature. It almost looks metal and robotic at first. Its eyes roll around looking every way. I notice it is very slender. Its arms are outstretched very far. I see its legs are like a grasshopper. It has long straight hair that is all the same length and rests just below its shoulders. There is some kind of design on its torso but it is not intricate. Its arms stretch out like tree branches and there are branches on them that extend out. I see a branch in nearly every nation on the earth. It has some kind of power or connection to all nations. It has a long thick tail much like a dragon or some reptiles. My attention is drawn away to its teeth. They are vicious and sharp and numerous. I hear a voice behind me say, 'They can crush iron to powder.' I see the powerful jaws begin to move almost mechanically and viciously and dreadfully. I hear the voice again, 'It will crush the Christians bones to powder.' I see another vision of the creature coming out of a pit. It looks much more fleshy here. I discern that it is a demon coming out of the pit. I am chilled and grieved as I watch this thing. Something about it seems of Ancient Egypt.

I look around to the angel who has been speaking to me.'Who is this?' I ask.

'It will have rule over the men of the world. It will harm mankind,' the angel says.

'Who does it work through?' I ask.

'A certain American politician's demons prepare its way,' the angel says, 'This is his task. He is very controlled.' 

'Will the church still be here?' I ask.

'There will be believers on the earth.Many will suffer death at the creature's hands.' it says.

'And no other leader?' I ask almost perplexed. I see Putin's face suddenly.

I say to the angel, 'But I see Putin!' Then I saw Putin's eyes grow very dark and sinister and he snaps with a vicious mouth one time like a wolf. I sense great rage.

'What has this to do with the creature?' I ask.

'His rage makes the walls of America fall. She will no longer stand. Although Russia will have a rule it will not be a rule that is of the creature.' the angel says.

I cry, 'God help us!' 

I turn my head to see heaven. I see a band of saints walking and Jesus emerges out from among them. He is shimmering and sparkling. It is hard to describe. He smiles at me full of love. I feel his love and goodness. 'Oh, Lord. I love you so much!' His love is rich and permeates me through and through.

'Kim, you will endure. You will be fine. Just remember my words.' He says.

Notes:  I do not remember the symbol on the creature's chest so I cannot draw it or explain it nor do I know its meaning. If God wants me to know it, then He will show me.

This creature, in it's mechanical form is about technology. Technology is the thing that is different at this time in history. Christ is coming. The end is near.

This technology has been around longer than we realize and is being used. GPS, OnStarr, cell phones, the internet and the use of computers and satellites to locate people and even know what we buy and sell (Craig's list, EBay AND local grocery and department stores). So far, it has not really been used 'against' us but a time will come when a very evil leader will seize the opportunity to use it in order to have rule over nations. We will not be able to hide from this evil in our own strength. Only God can and HE WILL protect His children. HAVE FAITH.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Sign in the Sky

I am probably going to be posting more intense things. I've shared some intense things but in general. I will post about them with more detail.

I had a vision June 24th, 2015:

A Sign in the Sky

I looked to the sky on my left and I saw the sun almost completely covered. Something dark covered over most of the sun but a few rays escaped and beamed out on the right top of it. It looked like an eclipse but it was not an eclipse. I asked the Lord, 'What are you showing me? What does it mean'?

The Lord said, 'It is a sign. When you see this, go to the safe place I prepared for you and do not come out. When you see this sign in the sky, an evil will be unleashed. In America, you will see people seized by this evil. They will become violent and fight one another. Blood will spill out on the ground. Demons will move about in this violent time. Go into the safe place I will provide for you and stay inside and do not come out until the sign is no longer in the sky.'

In the midst of seeing this vision, I saw the robotic creature and I saw the flesh creature that it is truly powered by (a demon). I could see the same evil in the people who were fighting one another. they put their teeth together snapping at Christians with a desire to 'crush' Christians.

I also saw a delicate font/writing style with many curls in the letters. I saw this several times. Three curls which made me think of 666. But I could not read any of it. But it was demonic and affiliated with Satan. I believe this is the same writing I saw on the chest of the robotic creature.end

I also saw the United States as parched, thin and worn. I saw Louisiana again either flooded and/or sinking. I could feel multiple natural disasters occurring in the U.S.A. and happening close together.

June 25, 2015

I saw the sun with the dark covering over it again only this time it was not to my left in the sky. It was in the center of the sky. It were as though I were laying on the ground looking up at it. I believe the message in this is that this event is coming sooner. end

July, 2015

I watched a special documentary about different types of weapons the Nazi's were in the process of making. I was a bit shocked when I saw the part about the 'death ray'. I'm going to post a YouTube video here that will describe what this weapon is about. I was very amazed as I saw this. I would have never dreamed something like this had been thought about as early as the 16th century and later by Wernher Von Braun with the Nazi's.