Friday, June 19, 2015

Wake up, Church!

About a week ago, the Lord showed me His sorrow for the lost. He told me to pray an hour every day for the lost and fast once a week for the lost, exclusively. I have found this challenging at times but I've managed to obey so far. When I first heard this from the Lord, I felt it was that the lost needed praying for but just in 8 days of doing this, unexpected things have been happening to me, within.

I've pray for the lost in my community, my city, my state, my nation and all over the world. I've prayed for missionaries, evangelists and pastors all over the world. I've prayed for Christians all over the world to preach Christ to the lost. The more I pray, I begin to see a shocking reality. God is opening my eyes. My pastor, Chris Smith preached from Acts 3 and the message just impacted and expanded what God has been showing me. So I address Christians with this;

What has happened? When did the church stop making the lost priority in their Christian walk? In this nation, especially the Bible belt, a stronghold exists. 

Five things the Lord is showing me as He is having me pray and fast for lost souls:

1. The enemy has worked hard at convincing us 'there's another way to do it'. 
2. The church has bought into the lies of the enemy and have stopped boldly sharing Christ, the way to the lost.
3. The church is not operating in the power to conquer fear that comes either from bad experiences while sharing Jesus with others or being afraid to share at all.
4. The church is disobeying the command we have been given for they have been deceived through the enemy, what the great commision is for the church.
5.  The church has grown so focused on 'family', 'politics' and self help.

The shocking change that has become clearer to me as each day passes with prayer is that the lost is ready. They are lost. Yes, I can pray for divine appointments and I do. I stand in the gap for the lost. But the real truth is that the lost is lost. They are a harvest that IS READY. My prayers have turned to the harvesters, the Christians. We've been called as harvesters. In the United States, more profess Christ and Christianity than in any other nation. WE HAVE HARVESTERS. There's plenty of people who believe who can reap the harvest of the lost. We aren't having much success because the majority are under a stronghold and lies (the five I listed above). Our entire view of the lost and reaching the lost has become so distorted in this nation and we don't even realize it. We have become apathetic and fearful. Many have even bought into such lies that they are siding more with the enemy than they are with God. WAKE UP CHURCH! OBEY GOD'S COMMAND TO SHARE JESUS!

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I kept asking this as I knelt at the alter at church, Wednesday night after hearing my pastor preach on Acts. I just repented for the church as a whole in this nation. We have disobeyed and have accepted, as a culture, that sharing JESUS in public in any and every way is not what we should be doing. The church has gotten so caught up in the things of this world, in the things of 'self' and the belief that we are NOT supposed to be consumed with a passion to reach the lost that keeps us in the streets testifying and on our knees praying.

I'm not saying that everyone should quit their jobs and spend all day sharing Jesus with everyone. I'm not saying healing and bettering who we are is not important. But we are not out in the world sharing Christ in every opportunity we have. In the early church, this was paramount. The great commission clearly states this is COMMANDED for us to do.

God is changing the way I see and understand the lost. I'm praying He will help all of His children to see. The power is available. The need is dire. The command is clear. SHARE JESUS WITH THE LOST. Do we want our nation to change? Then THIS is where it begins. We must stop hiding in our fears and insecurities, focusing on our moral outrage and letting our passion be our political view. We must STEP OUT IN FAITH. God will give us the words when we step out and begin to share Jesus with others. 

We have been convinced that witnessing about Jesus won't make that much of a difference. WE ARE BUYING INTO A LIE. Yes, not all will accept Him as Lord and Savior but MANY WILL for the harvest is ripe. 

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