Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Under Water or Walking on it?

For some time (months, maybe even a year), God has been talking to me and showing me the most crisp visions involving water. I see Christ so often walking on the water. I see his feet, specifically and hear the sound the steps make.

I've had visions where I am under shallow water with a fast current. I can see Jesus standing above on the water and examining the water closely.

God is showing me that as a believer, it is not wrong to be under the water. This makes sense when you realize that Christ has already defeated death, hell and the grave. Though we struggle in life and many do not realize Kingdom living while they are on Earth (they accept Christ and then look for either the Rapture or Heaven as the next step in their Christian life).

Let me just state what God is showing me. There are times when we are under the water. The water is crisp, clear and moving. This is symbolic of surrender. This may be a time when we are weak and tired and exhausted and need God. We need God to simply wash over us as we surrender to Him in trust. It's not a bad thing.

When I was experiencing being under the water in so many times and visions, I longed to be walking on it. And this is an aspiration. Because walking on the water with Christ is symbolic of faith and fear that that water has washed away. I am now walking on water. But God wants to see what we will do. How far will we keep walking. Where the water is deep? Will we stop when a storm brews up? Or will we FIX our eyes on Christ and the prize that comes with walking as far and as deeply as possible? In my life, walking on water isn't about something God wants us to do as much as it is something WE DESIRE. When we look at Peter and Christ's beckon to be joined, it is because Christ knew Peter longed to walk to Him. This was Peter's desire. God wants to give us our pure desires.

If we begin to fear and fall, Christ is there to pick us up. And how far we walked isn't counted a loss or a failure in God's eyes.  His grace is our trust. And perhaps soon another time of being under the water will come again but it isn't failure. It is simply where you are at that time. In Christian life there are seasons. They aren't like the Earth's four seasons. No, that's now how God works. He is a God of progress, not perfection and we will NEVER be able to know how the mind of God works. It is an irrational rationality that is sound.

Under the water- SUBMISSION TO GOD
Walking on water- ON MISSION WITH GOD
Wherever you are, it's all good. Trust and have faith in God.

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