Friday, June 12, 2015

The Storm is Coming

AUGUST 22, 2003

I was inside the house of my childhood.  I didn't notice the house much.  The focus was on voices I heard speaking and weather conditions outdoors.  I heard people discussing the weather.  Some said a storm was coming.  I agreed but cannot recall saying a lot about it but I did share that I felt a storm was coming.  I would look out the window periodically.  Never was the sky clear and lovely.  There were clouds and an ominous feeling yet nothing frightening or threatening.  I heard a voice that I thought was my sister's saying, 'It's going to be sunny.  The weather is going to be great.  There will be no bad weather.'  I heard others disagree.  Again I looked out and saw little change, if any.  Then I heard a voice declare loudly and with great emotion, 'The storm is here now!  There are tornadoes everywhere!'  I looked out quickly but saw no activity.  It was beginning to look a little more grim though.  I remember thinking at this point that I could be wrong about the storm.  Perhaps it wouldn't come.  I didn't speak but waited and checked periodically.  Interestingly, I found that at times I seemed to be a person who 'watched' the skies.  It seemed people were relying on me for some reason to report to them what I was seeing when I looked out the window.  I never saw others looking out the window however I had the feeling that there were people outside who just didn't see what was really there.  They either proclaimed the storms were now here or simply stated that the weather was good.  I went to check the sky again.  This time the window was different.  It seemed I was in some sort of shelter and I lifted up a door on the ceiling and looked around the door.  Overhead, I saw a dark cloud that was unusually low.  I thought, 'Wow, it looks like it is coming now' and then I looked out to the trees and fields and since I saw no change in any other place, I realized things were still not too different.  I closed the hatch/door.  Some time passed on and I looked out one last time to see that the cloud was very dark; a deep black and it was larger and even lower almost touching the roof.  I then looked out to the trees and grass and I saw many different aspects of the terrain fall into an order. It is something I cannot explain well in words.  It was astounding and amazing to me.  There must have been dozens of these aspects that fell into a unison order and at this point I knew the storm was here.  I went inside the shelter/house.  Part of me felt relieved because it was finally here.  Part of me felt relieved because I had been right about the storm.  I felt no fear at all.

Meaning: We live in the end times. We have since Christ ascended. The number of voices we have heard proclaiming Christs' return and the end of this Earth is really large. I don't know that all have been wrong. Those with specific dates and such were wrong. But the message has been preached since Christ's ascension that He is coming back and the end of the world we live in will come to an end.

The voices in this dream was one extreme or the other. The storm is here or there is no storm at all. I wouldn't believe any of them and this is the way the body of Christ needs to be about this. Don't trust in others' declarations. Don't even trust mine. TRUST GOD. He is the only one that knows.

I think it is interesting that I was no longer looking out of a house window but a shelter. This represents safety; being prepared for the storm is important. We must be prepared for everything. God prepares. He is a God that prepares. The problem with people is that they don't always pick up on the preparation because they are not seeking Him and have gotten far from Him and can not hear Him. God is preparing us now for the end. He has been since Christ ascended. SEEK GOD. HE IS THE ONLY TRUE REFUGE. REPENT OF WRONG WAYS AND TURN TO HIM SO YOU CAN HEAR HIS VOICE.

When I looked to the foliage rather than the sky, I see all the things 'fall into place' or that have fallen into place for the storm (the end) to come.The storm happens swiftly and suddenly. But the preparation period was not.

In this dream, I learned that I am a storm watcher. And people are relying on me to tell them when all spoken in Matthew 24 will come to pass. This is why I have this blog. But my message is highlighted in bold throughout this post. Be very careful because false prophets can be very convincing. Doctrines of antichrist is being sewn in the congregation which brings division among the church. PRAY FOR UNITY. The church must be unified. PRAY FOR THE LOST. Stay in the Word of God. Pray always.  Follow God.