Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Heavy Words, Urgency, Sorrow

I titled this strangely. I'm just not going to put much effort into the title. Sigh. . . I feel weak and I feel sad. When the Lord shows me things that aren't happy, it is a heaviness. But it is a heaviness that leads to deeper prayer.

When I see something that is 'scary' about the future, I really struggle with it. I pray for God to let me know that it is He who is showing me what I am seeing or hearing. I actually pray this for a long time. It's really important for me to know that my mind or emotions aren't affecting what I am seeing/hearing when I pray.

I want to remind those who read this of the most important thing. GOD PREVAILS. Though frightening things may come, if we belong to God, He will care for us. He is our refuge and with Him, we have victory.

I also want to remind people that I have learned after over two decades of having dreams and visions that what we see something that is going to happen in the future, it often feels like it is going to happen tomorrow. We live in organized time. Time is either past, present or future. With God, this is not true. My other reminder is that what we see or dream in the Spirit, often will have very different meanings than what we initially think. If this weren't true, then the Pharisees would've accepted Christ as Messiah. They misinterpreted the may prophets' words of the coming Messiah. It happens all the time. It is happening now in our time also. This is why it is so very important that we do not rush but we pray and remain open to the Holy Spirit for meaning.

Visuals God gave me while praying yesterday and this morning:

As I prayed for the lost, I saw the United States. I started seeing the ground cave in in the middle of the country. I saw this several times. Later I saw this again several times but water filled the sunken spot.

Note: As I've prayed an hour a day for the lost, I have felt a great emphasis and burden to pray for the lost in America.

When I prayed yesterday I also saw the winged creature who in a past vision, landed near the center of the United States and then turned into a statue, and was worshiped. This statue was a very patriotic symbol and it seems Heavenly and angelic but it represents a demonic spirit; an antichrist.

I also so the robotic creature with a hand in every nation. This is also a demon and antichrist and something that is to come in our future.

These two visions are the most troubling visions I have ever had from the Lord.

I was praying for the lost in TN, and I saw Memphis. I saw many dead in piles. I was overtaken with grief. I pray this does not happen. For years, God has shown me that something in the air pollutes and makes Memphis a city that can no longer be lived in.

Now, I became sick and sad after seeing these things. I couldn't even eat. I spent time just laying and praying for the lost and for God's will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

This morning as I prayed I heard the words 'under water' and then I heard the word, 'drowning'. So, I prayed for the waters of the Earth. I'm hearing these things when I pray for the lost. I don't know what the exact meanings are of it all. God doesn't always show me the details as I desire.

I only know to pray about every thing He has shown me and spoken. So, I pray. I encourage you to pray.

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