Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coming Persecution in America

I have found it very interesting lately that my pastor has stated more than once that persecution is coming to America. He says prophets are saying this. It brings up many visions and dreams that God has given me about this. It keeps me up at night and in prayer. I can't say that I'm afraid. The best word would be that I'm sad and I'm feeling some stress. It is a sort of fear. I don't think you can see things about coming persecution in your nation and have NO fear. I am thankful that just as God has shown me these things, He has comforted me tremendously. He has reminded me of how He has cared for His people at different times. He reminded me of His power. He has shown me how we will be able to endure. We have to trust Him. No matter what happens, we have to trust Him.

My pastor spoke of how persecution tends to cause the church to grow. This is something I have heard very few talk about. My husband shared this with me a few years ago. It was quite a revelation for me. When things are going great, God's people get all messed up. We seem to get entangled in the things of the world. We begin to take God for granted. There is NO DOUBT that we are at that place now. That is why it is so important that we prepare. We must stay in the Word, pray always, stay close to God, have faith and obey God's commandments.

I have seen visions of Christians on a beach, dead. I see Christians killed from many denominations. They stood for Christ and supported caring for the poor. For this, their lives were taken from them.

I have seen visions of a queen. In ways, this vision has been the most chilling. When I saw the queen, she was so real as I looked on her. I could see her sitting close beside me. I could see her chest rising and falling as she breathed casually. Her eyes were fixed on me. After a few days of seeing her and praying, God began to show me that she was a queen that is believed to be dead but she is not dead and she is coming to the U.S.A. She represents a queen from Britain who proclaims Christ as Lord but she disagrees with Christians of other denominations and considers them heretics. She is a queen that will make war against them. If you know history then you know about Inquisitions in Europe. Not all were against Muslims. Many were Christian against Christian. That is who she is. And it saddens me greatly that I have seen this so clearly. It is so important that Christians unify. Division is something that has grown in the church for years now. My prayer is that we can change that. We don't learn from history. We seem to forget why we came to this nation in the first place. We so easily forget, don't we?

A time is coming when there will be a leader. He will be loved and many Christians will believe he is the man to vote for in America! He will deceive many. He will seem divine.  But he is very evil. He is not American but he will be supported as an American. And he will become the leader of this nation. His heart desires power. His heart desires that Christians die. He will present himself as a son of David; a Jew. He will present himself as a great supporter of Israel. But he is not. He will rule not only America. He will rule the entire Northern Hemisphere for a time. A statue will be placed and many will worship it. It is called a statue and symbol of 'patriotism' but it is antichrist. He will seem very angelic. But he is a prince of darkness. He will bring great persecution to Christians. Many have thought this would be Barak Obama. I prayed to God about this during the election. He said it is NOT Obama. But this dark prince will be many of the things that so many have accused Obama of being. And if these people aren't very careful, they will vote for this man. They will vote for the things they detest and fear and have accused Obama of doing. It is a bitter word so I plead with God's people, STAY CLOSE TO GOD. HE WILL SHOW YOU. ASK FOR DISCERNMENT. GOD WILL PROVIDE.

I share this because if we know these things are coming, perhaps it will shake us up and wake us up. Historically, the human race is pretty bad at heeding warnings. But if we pray and ask God to show us what is to come and confirm it in our hearts, we can begin to fast and pray and prepare for it. To so many, the things that are coming will seem to happen suddenly but GOD IS GIVING US TIME TO PREPARE. We cannot prepare in the natural. We have no safety in the natural. OUR REFUGE IS THE LORD. So, we have to prepare ourselves spiritually. We have time to prepare. God spoke these things to me 5-10 years ago. He has really helped me deal with these things. He has built up my faith and brought comfort to me. I'm pleading with the people of God, REPENT, PRAY, FAST, STAY CLOSE TO YOUR SHEPHERD and KNOW THE WORD OF GOD. These are the things that will prepare us and help us endure.

I would share more but I feel overwhelmed. There is a grief this brings me that is very hard to describe. God has shown me clearly that He does what He does because of His love for the lost. The light of America must dim so the light of Christ can shine and draw people to Him. Many want to make America a Christian nation. If we make it a Christian nation by LEADING THE LOST TO CHRIST, then Christ's light will shine brighter and the earthly nation of America will be seen for what it is. It is one of many nations that have existed throughout time. 

Jesus is coming soon. God's love is so great for creation. The church is full of error and the world is full of sin. God is moving. Let us move in Him and with Him. Prepare.

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