Thursday, June 11, 2015

Call to Intercession

As I was praying and waiting on the Lord, He came to me showing me the sorrow in His heart. I could feel sweet and tender pain. I could feel anguish. I could hear groans from a very large voice. I struggle to explain what I heard in the spirit. The groans made me think of songs of whales and of elephants but they were very distinctive and so loud that vibrations could be felt from the groans. I am familiar with this sorrow because I feel it often when I am praying for others. It is the Holy Spirit's sorrow and not my own. In my self, I would not have such sorrow for others. But God has sorrow for all.

I asked the Lord, 'Why are you showing me this?'
He said, 'To intercede for the lost. Pray one hour every day for the lost.'
'Is there anything else you would have me do?' I asked.
'Fast one day a week for the lost.'

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