Sunday, June 28, 2015

America Shifts for the Worse

I have had another vision. I had it four days ago. It was very intense and I've been trying to handle the heaviness of it. I will share it, when I get the stomach to share it. I suppose it makes some sense that I would have several intense visions and dreams since a negative shift has been made by the judges of our country.

I had not posted it yet, but I had a dream June 16th that all the nations turned and made war with America and Israel. I haven't prayed for more about the dream really because I keep having strong visions and heavy burdens to pray.

Last night as I was ending my day, I began to pray. Spiritually, I felt a burden come upon me. It was in regard for America. I just prayed. My prayers turned to 'groans' and tears as I lay on the floor on my face. Something is very wrong has happened. I just got on my face before God and prayed.

In the past, the Lord showed me these times were coming. It is hard to experience. Though I had heard about the ruling for gay marriage to be legal in every state, I had not realized fully, the impact it would bring spiritually. It means something has really turned a corner in a negative way for America.

I continue to weep and pray for America with a different kind of burden. I pray for the church in America and I pray for the lost in America.

America has turned a spiritual corner for the worse. The need to pray is more dire than ever. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. PRAY AND FAST. READ GOD'S WORD. KNOW GOD'S WORD. STAY CLOSE TO THE SHEPHERD, SHEEP. HE IS THE GOOD SHEPHERD AND WE CAN TRUST IN HIM. end

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