Sunday, June 28, 2015

America Shifts for the Worse

I have had another vision. I had it four days ago. It was very intense and I've been trying to handle the heaviness of it. I will share it, when I get the stomach to share it. I suppose it makes some sense that I would have several intense visions and dreams since a negative shift has been made by the judges of our country.

I had not posted it yet, but I had a dream June 16th that all the nations turned and made war with America and Israel. I haven't prayed for more about the dream really because I keep having strong visions and heavy burdens to pray.

Last night as I was ending my day, I began to pray. Spiritually, I felt a burden come upon me. It was in regard for America. I just prayed. My prayers turned to 'groans' and tears as I lay on the floor on my face. Something is very wrong has happened. I just got on my face before God and prayed.

In the past, the Lord showed me these times were coming. It is hard to experience. Though I had heard about the ruling for gay marriage to be legal in every state, I had not realized fully, the impact it would bring spiritually. It means something has really turned a corner in a negative way for America.

I continue to weep and pray for America with a different kind of burden. I pray for the church in America and I pray for the lost in America.

America has turned a spiritual corner for the worse. The need to pray is more dire than ever. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. PRAY AND FAST. READ GOD'S WORD. KNOW GOD'S WORD. STAY CLOSE TO THE SHEPHERD, SHEEP. HE IS THE GOOD SHEPHERD AND WE CAN TRUST IN HIM. end

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Coming Persecution in America

I have found it very interesting lately that my pastor has stated more than once that persecution is coming to America. He says prophets are saying this. It brings up many visions and dreams that God has given me about this. It keeps me up at night and in prayer. I can't say that I'm afraid. The best word would be that I'm sad and I'm feeling some stress. It is a sort of fear. I don't think you can see things about coming persecution in your nation and have NO fear. I am thankful that just as God has shown me these things, He has comforted me tremendously. He has reminded me of how He has cared for His people at different times. He reminded me of His power. He has shown me how we will be able to endure. We have to trust Him. No matter what happens, we have to trust Him.

My pastor spoke of how persecution tends to cause the church to grow. This is something I have heard very few talk about. My husband shared this with me a few years ago. It was quite a revelation for me. When things are going great, God's people get all messed up. We seem to get entangled in the things of the world. We begin to take God for granted. There is NO DOUBT that we are at that place now. That is why it is so important that we prepare. We must stay in the Word, pray always, stay close to God, have faith and obey God's commandments.

I have seen visions of Christians on a beach, dead. I see Christians killed from many denominations. They stood for Christ and supported caring for the poor. For this, their lives were taken from them.

I have seen visions of a queen. In ways, this vision has been the most chilling. When I saw the queen, she was so real as I looked on her. I could see her sitting close beside me. I could see her chest rising and falling as she breathed casually. Her eyes were fixed on me. After a few days of seeing her and praying, God began to show me that she was a queen that is believed to be dead but she is not dead and she is coming to the U.S.A. She represents a queen from Britain who proclaims Christ as Lord but she disagrees with Christians of other denominations and considers them heretics. She is a queen that will make war against them. If you know history then you know about Inquisitions in Europe. Not all were against Muslims. Many were Christian against Christian. That is who she is. And it saddens me greatly that I have seen this so clearly. It is so important that Christians unify. Division is something that has grown in the church for years now. My prayer is that we can change that. We don't learn from history. We seem to forget why we came to this nation in the first place. We so easily forget, don't we?

A time is coming when there will be a leader. He will be loved and many Christians will believe he is the man to vote for in America! He will deceive many. He will seem divine.  But he is very evil. He is not American but he will be supported as an American. And he will become the leader of this nation. His heart desires power. His heart desires that Christians die. He will present himself as a son of David; a Jew. He will present himself as a great supporter of Israel. But he is not. He will rule not only America. He will rule the entire Northern Hemisphere for a time. A statue will be placed and many will worship it. It is called a statue and symbol of 'patriotism' but it is antichrist. He will seem very angelic. But he is a prince of darkness. He will bring great persecution to Christians. Many have thought this would be Barak Obama. I prayed to God about this during the election. He said it is NOT Obama. But this dark prince will be many of the things that so many have accused Obama of being. And if these people aren't very careful, they will vote for this man. They will vote for the things they detest and fear and have accused Obama of doing. It is a bitter word so I plead with God's people, STAY CLOSE TO GOD. HE WILL SHOW YOU. ASK FOR DISCERNMENT. GOD WILL PROVIDE.

I share this because if we know these things are coming, perhaps it will shake us up and wake us up. Historically, the human race is pretty bad at heeding warnings. But if we pray and ask God to show us what is to come and confirm it in our hearts, we can begin to fast and pray and prepare for it. To so many, the things that are coming will seem to happen suddenly but GOD IS GIVING US TIME TO PREPARE. We cannot prepare in the natural. We have no safety in the natural. OUR REFUGE IS THE LORD. So, we have to prepare ourselves spiritually. We have time to prepare. God spoke these things to me 5-10 years ago. He has really helped me deal with these things. He has built up my faith and brought comfort to me. I'm pleading with the people of God, REPENT, PRAY, FAST, STAY CLOSE TO YOUR SHEPHERD and KNOW THE WORD OF GOD. These are the things that will prepare us and help us endure.

I would share more but I feel overwhelmed. There is a grief this brings me that is very hard to describe. God has shown me clearly that He does what He does because of His love for the lost. The light of America must dim so the light of Christ can shine and draw people to Him. Many want to make America a Christian nation. If we make it a Christian nation by LEADING THE LOST TO CHRIST, then Christ's light will shine brighter and the earthly nation of America will be seen for what it is. It is one of many nations that have existed throughout time. 

Jesus is coming soon. God's love is so great for creation. The church is full of error and the world is full of sin. God is moving. Let us move in Him and with Him. Prepare.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wake up, Church!

About a week ago, the Lord showed me His sorrow for the lost. He told me to pray an hour every day for the lost and fast once a week for the lost, exclusively. I have found this challenging at times but I've managed to obey so far. When I first heard this from the Lord, I felt it was that the lost needed praying for but just in 8 days of doing this, unexpected things have been happening to me, within.

I've pray for the lost in my community, my city, my state, my nation and all over the world. I've prayed for missionaries, evangelists and pastors all over the world. I've prayed for Christians all over the world to preach Christ to the lost. The more I pray, I begin to see a shocking reality. God is opening my eyes. My pastor, Chris Smith preached from Acts 3 and the message just impacted and expanded what God has been showing me. So I address Christians with this;

What has happened? When did the church stop making the lost priority in their Christian walk? In this nation, especially the Bible belt, a stronghold exists. 

Five things the Lord is showing me as He is having me pray and fast for lost souls:

1. The enemy has worked hard at convincing us 'there's another way to do it'. 
2. The church has bought into the lies of the enemy and have stopped boldly sharing Christ, the way to the lost.
3. The church is not operating in the power to conquer fear that comes either from bad experiences while sharing Jesus with others or being afraid to share at all.
4. The church is disobeying the command we have been given for they have been deceived through the enemy, what the great commision is for the church.
5.  The church has grown so focused on 'family', 'politics' and self help.

The shocking change that has become clearer to me as each day passes with prayer is that the lost is ready. They are lost. Yes, I can pray for divine appointments and I do. I stand in the gap for the lost. But the real truth is that the lost is lost. They are a harvest that IS READY. My prayers have turned to the harvesters, the Christians. We've been called as harvesters. In the United States, more profess Christ and Christianity than in any other nation. WE HAVE HARVESTERS. There's plenty of people who believe who can reap the harvest of the lost. We aren't having much success because the majority are under a stronghold and lies (the five I listed above). Our entire view of the lost and reaching the lost has become so distorted in this nation and we don't even realize it. We have become apathetic and fearful. Many have even bought into such lies that they are siding more with the enemy than they are with God. WAKE UP CHURCH! OBEY GOD'S COMMAND TO SHARE JESUS!

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I kept asking this as I knelt at the alter at church, Wednesday night after hearing my pastor preach on Acts. I just repented for the church as a whole in this nation. We have disobeyed and have accepted, as a culture, that sharing JESUS in public in any and every way is not what we should be doing. The church has gotten so caught up in the things of this world, in the things of 'self' and the belief that we are NOT supposed to be consumed with a passion to reach the lost that keeps us in the streets testifying and on our knees praying.

I'm not saying that everyone should quit their jobs and spend all day sharing Jesus with everyone. I'm not saying healing and bettering who we are is not important. But we are not out in the world sharing Christ in every opportunity we have. In the early church, this was paramount. The great commission clearly states this is COMMANDED for us to do.

God is changing the way I see and understand the lost. I'm praying He will help all of His children to see. The power is available. The need is dire. The command is clear. SHARE JESUS WITH THE LOST. Do we want our nation to change? Then THIS is where it begins. We must stop hiding in our fears and insecurities, focusing on our moral outrage and letting our passion be our political view. We must STEP OUT IN FAITH. God will give us the words when we step out and begin to share Jesus with others. 

We have been convinced that witnessing about Jesus won't make that much of a difference. WE ARE BUYING INTO A LIE. Yes, not all will accept Him as Lord and Savior but MANY WILL for the harvest is ripe. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Heavy Words, Urgency, Sorrow

I titled this strangely. I'm just not going to put much effort into the title. Sigh. . . I feel weak and I feel sad. When the Lord shows me things that aren't happy, it is a heaviness. But it is a heaviness that leads to deeper prayer.

When I see something that is 'scary' about the future, I really struggle with it. I pray for God to let me know that it is He who is showing me what I am seeing or hearing. I actually pray this for a long time. It's really important for me to know that my mind or emotions aren't affecting what I am seeing/hearing when I pray.

I want to remind those who read this of the most important thing. GOD PREVAILS. Though frightening things may come, if we belong to God, He will care for us. He is our refuge and with Him, we have victory.

I also want to remind people that I have learned after over two decades of having dreams and visions that what we see something that is going to happen in the future, it often feels like it is going to happen tomorrow. We live in organized time. Time is either past, present or future. With God, this is not true. My other reminder is that what we see or dream in the Spirit, often will have very different meanings than what we initially think. If this weren't true, then the Pharisees would've accepted Christ as Messiah. They misinterpreted the may prophets' words of the coming Messiah. It happens all the time. It is happening now in our time also. This is why it is so very important that we do not rush but we pray and remain open to the Holy Spirit for meaning.

Visuals God gave me while praying yesterday and this morning:

As I prayed for the lost, I saw the United States. I started seeing the ground cave in in the middle of the country. I saw this several times. Later I saw this again several times but water filled the sunken spot.

Note: As I've prayed an hour a day for the lost, I have felt a great emphasis and burden to pray for the lost in America.

When I prayed yesterday I also saw the winged creature who in a past vision, landed near the center of the United States and then turned into a statue, and was worshiped. This statue was a very patriotic symbol and it seems Heavenly and angelic but it represents a demonic spirit; an antichrist.

I also so the robotic creature with a hand in every nation. This is also a demon and antichrist and something that is to come in our future.

These two visions are the most troubling visions I have ever had from the Lord.

I was praying for the lost in TN, and I saw Memphis. I saw many dead in piles. I was overtaken with grief. I pray this does not happen. For years, God has shown me that something in the air pollutes and makes Memphis a city that can no longer be lived in.

Now, I became sick and sad after seeing these things. I couldn't even eat. I spent time just laying and praying for the lost and for God's will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

This morning as I prayed I heard the words 'under water' and then I heard the word, 'drowning'. So, I prayed for the waters of the Earth. I'm hearing these things when I pray for the lost. I don't know what the exact meanings are of it all. God doesn't always show me the details as I desire.

I only know to pray about every thing He has shown me and spoken. So, I pray. I encourage you to pray.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Storm is Coming

AUGUST 22, 2003

I was inside the house of my childhood.  I didn't notice the house much.  The focus was on voices I heard speaking and weather conditions outdoors.  I heard people discussing the weather.  Some said a storm was coming.  I agreed but cannot recall saying a lot about it but I did share that I felt a storm was coming.  I would look out the window periodically.  Never was the sky clear and lovely.  There were clouds and an ominous feeling yet nothing frightening or threatening.  I heard a voice that I thought was my sister's saying, 'It's going to be sunny.  The weather is going to be great.  There will be no bad weather.'  I heard others disagree.  Again I looked out and saw little change, if any.  Then I heard a voice declare loudly and with great emotion, 'The storm is here now!  There are tornadoes everywhere!'  I looked out quickly but saw no activity.  It was beginning to look a little more grim though.  I remember thinking at this point that I could be wrong about the storm.  Perhaps it wouldn't come.  I didn't speak but waited and checked periodically.  Interestingly, I found that at times I seemed to be a person who 'watched' the skies.  It seemed people were relying on me for some reason to report to them what I was seeing when I looked out the window.  I never saw others looking out the window however I had the feeling that there were people outside who just didn't see what was really there.  They either proclaimed the storms were now here or simply stated that the weather was good.  I went to check the sky again.  This time the window was different.  It seemed I was in some sort of shelter and I lifted up a door on the ceiling and looked around the door.  Overhead, I saw a dark cloud that was unusually low.  I thought, 'Wow, it looks like it is coming now' and then I looked out to the trees and fields and since I saw no change in any other place, I realized things were still not too different.  I closed the hatch/door.  Some time passed on and I looked out one last time to see that the cloud was very dark; a deep black and it was larger and even lower almost touching the roof.  I then looked out to the trees and grass and I saw many different aspects of the terrain fall into an order. It is something I cannot explain well in words.  It was astounding and amazing to me.  There must have been dozens of these aspects that fell into a unison order and at this point I knew the storm was here.  I went inside the shelter/house.  Part of me felt relieved because it was finally here.  Part of me felt relieved because I had been right about the storm.  I felt no fear at all.

Meaning: We live in the end times. We have since Christ ascended. The number of voices we have heard proclaiming Christs' return and the end of this Earth is really large. I don't know that all have been wrong. Those with specific dates and such were wrong. But the message has been preached since Christ's ascension that He is coming back and the end of the world we live in will come to an end.

The voices in this dream was one extreme or the other. The storm is here or there is no storm at all. I wouldn't believe any of them and this is the way the body of Christ needs to be about this. Don't trust in others' declarations. Don't even trust mine. TRUST GOD. He is the only one that knows.

I think it is interesting that I was no longer looking out of a house window but a shelter. This represents safety; being prepared for the storm is important. We must be prepared for everything. God prepares. He is a God that prepares. The problem with people is that they don't always pick up on the preparation because they are not seeking Him and have gotten far from Him and can not hear Him. God is preparing us now for the end. He has been since Christ ascended. SEEK GOD. HE IS THE ONLY TRUE REFUGE. REPENT OF WRONG WAYS AND TURN TO HIM SO YOU CAN HEAR HIS VOICE.

When I looked to the foliage rather than the sky, I see all the things 'fall into place' or that have fallen into place for the storm (the end) to come.The storm happens swiftly and suddenly. But the preparation period was not.

In this dream, I learned that I am a storm watcher. And people are relying on me to tell them when all spoken in Matthew 24 will come to pass. This is why I have this blog. But my message is highlighted in bold throughout this post. Be very careful because false prophets can be very convincing. Doctrines of antichrist is being sewn in the congregation which brings division among the church. PRAY FOR UNITY. The church must be unified. PRAY FOR THE LOST. Stay in the Word of God. Pray always.  Follow God.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Call to Intercession

As I was praying and waiting on the Lord, He came to me showing me the sorrow in His heart. I could feel sweet and tender pain. I could feel anguish. I could hear groans from a very large voice. I struggle to explain what I heard in the spirit. The groans made me think of songs of whales and of elephants but they were very distinctive and so loud that vibrations could be felt from the groans. I am familiar with this sorrow because I feel it often when I am praying for others. It is the Holy Spirit's sorrow and not my own. In my self, I would not have such sorrow for others. But God has sorrow for all.

I asked the Lord, 'Why are you showing me this?'
He said, 'To intercede for the lost. Pray one hour every day for the lost.'
'Is there anything else you would have me do?' I asked.
'Fast one day a week for the lost.'

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Error in the Body of Christ

I'm not including the interpretation of this dream as this dream is lengthy and the interpretation is also. I will begin by posting the dream. God has given me numerous dreams and visions about the Church/The Body of Christ. I've not shared many of them. But now, the time to share comes. Christians of all denominations are having dreams and visions like I've never seen before.

In most of my dreams I am warning people of a great storm that is coming but even when the great winds come, people do not listen to the emotional warning I give. I have had several where some people do respond and that is a blessing for me to dream that. Like the dreams of watching for the coming storm, I also have many dreams where I am looking at or picking fruit. This symbolizes watching. In the dreams about storms, I'm waiting and watching for it to come. With the fruit, I am waiting for it to ripen.

This dream is extensive in the areas it touches about the Church; different ministries, problems and commandments. I share because I care. But I simply post it on this lowly blog of mine. The people who hear it are supposed to hear it. My prayer is always, "Lord let those who need to find this blog, find it." And I trust in God. The dreams and visions are from Him and of Him. So, He trust in Him. If God sends me in another direction I will (hopefully) obey (thank you for Your Mercy, God).
I numbered the 11 areas of the dreams that God gave me 11 meanings to.

AUGUST 21, 2002-  Error in the Body of Christ

The dream began with me and my husband entering a church we have not attended in many years.  We were there because there was no service at our church that morning.  All around me I heard familiar voices and laughter.  This church had built a new facility and I had not been inside of it yet.  1.)Everything looked old and worn though.  It was not what I had expected.  We entered the sanctuary. 2.) I kept waiting for the music to begin but it never did.  But I did realize that we would be staying the night. The church was filled with small sets of steps and occasionally staircases.  I noticed everything seemed painted the same bleak color; a pale yellow.  I must have wandered around in and out of various rooms.  3.)I came into a room and sat down on a comfortable looking bed only to be met by a couple with a baby.  The mother and I discussed baby issues and then the couple started bickering.  The mother didn't seem to want to care for the baby as it needed and the father seemed unhappy also.  I realized they weren't married when she threatened not to marry him if he didn't watch the baby so she could go somewhere.  At the end of the conversation, the baby walked toward me and reached for me.  I refused to take the child, knowing that this wasn't God's job for me.  I left the room quickly. 4.)I wandered into a very large room that seemed empty and as though little activity was done in the room.  I knew there was a really nice, large gift bag full of goodies someone had left for me there.  I noticed a variety of things I really liked but I was most drawn to the candies that I really enjoyed.  These candies were shaped in dinosaurs and gummy bears.  They were delicious and I put a few in my mouth.  I walked down the hall and saw  two of the  young girls that attend our church.  The halls were bleak but not that dull washed out color.  The floors had clean white tiles along a straight hall.  I looked at the younger girl and handed her some candy. The older girl soon followed behind me asking for some.  I handed some candy to my daughter,  Heather and said, 'Give these to her' and walked away knowing she was obeying me.
 5.)I finally came to the room I'd be sleeping in.  The ceilings were high, the walls that bleak pale yellow.  The windows were enormous.  All around me I could hear young men working around the church.  They were discussing ministry goals in the night.  I eventually fell asleep.6.)  I awoke very early before anyone else.  I got up and decided to venture the church. 7)I could hear the pastor sleeping and breathing heavily in his sleep.  I walked quietly up and down the steps. 8) I entered the kitchen to find large pans of biscuits that had been picked at and torn and were left in these pans on the floor to be thrown away.  I looked into the ovens and there were large pans with little piles of scrambled eggs that were partially burned to blackness.  I knew these eggs were going to be served but I wondered who would really eat them.  I noticed how much activity seemed to go on.  I could tell by the dishes, the food and the sinks.  The water sprayer was old.  I took it in my hand and tried it.  It worked perfectly well although it looked very worn.
 9)As I had walked along, I noticed the shirt I had on was very dirty.  It was the only one I had also.  I felt a little nervous because I wanted to look decent for church yet it didn't bother me too badly.  I tried to make my way back to my room quietly.  I could leap with full control up and down stairways and land quietly.  I can't explain the freedom I felt in that. 10) I came into my room and one of the young men entered with a job for me to do.
 'Take these brochures who are addressed to people and put them in order alphabetically and put a sucker in each of them.  We've got to get these out to people'.  I agreed to do this and began.  As I got a little over halfway into putting the candy in, I noticed the remaining candy was broken, melted, watered down and/or dripping wet.  I looked to the young man and said, 'I can no longer do this.  The candy is spoiled'.  I then walked out of my room.
11) As I entered a large hall, I spoke to another young man.  I heard to my right a loud sound much like a rumble.  I looked over to see  the only curving staircase in the church and it was also the one with the most steps.  There lay a person that had fallen down them midway and died.  A young man rushed toward him and in frustration cried out, 'These old men are allowed to do nothing!'  I followed the young man up and passed the dead man feeling eerie and  incredibly sorrowful.  I came to the top of the stairs and looked into a cold and dismal room to see an elderly man staring and rocking.  Someone told him to do something but the man did not respond.  The young man that was frustrated said, 'They aren't able to do anything!  I've had it.  I'm leaving this church!'  He walked away. I was overcome with grief.
end of dream

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Under Water or Walking on it?

For some time (months, maybe even a year), God has been talking to me and showing me the most crisp visions involving water. I see Christ so often walking on the water. I see his feet, specifically and hear the sound the steps make.

I've had visions where I am under shallow water with a fast current. I can see Jesus standing above on the water and examining the water closely.

God is showing me that as a believer, it is not wrong to be under the water. This makes sense when you realize that Christ has already defeated death, hell and the grave. Though we struggle in life and many do not realize Kingdom living while they are on Earth (they accept Christ and then look for either the Rapture or Heaven as the next step in their Christian life).

Let me just state what God is showing me. There are times when we are under the water. The water is crisp, clear and moving. This is symbolic of surrender. This may be a time when we are weak and tired and exhausted and need God. We need God to simply wash over us as we surrender to Him in trust. It's not a bad thing.

When I was experiencing being under the water in so many times and visions, I longed to be walking on it. And this is an aspiration. Because walking on the water with Christ is symbolic of faith and fear that that water has washed away. I am now walking on water. But God wants to see what we will do. How far will we keep walking. Where the water is deep? Will we stop when a storm brews up? Or will we FIX our eyes on Christ and the prize that comes with walking as far and as deeply as possible? In my life, walking on water isn't about something God wants us to do as much as it is something WE DESIRE. When we look at Peter and Christ's beckon to be joined, it is because Christ knew Peter longed to walk to Him. This was Peter's desire. God wants to give us our pure desires.

If we begin to fear and fall, Christ is there to pick us up. And how far we walked isn't counted a loss or a failure in God's eyes.  His grace is our trust. And perhaps soon another time of being under the water will come again but it isn't failure. It is simply where you are at that time. In Christian life there are seasons. They aren't like the Earth's four seasons. No, that's now how God works. He is a God of progress, not perfection and we will NEVER be able to know how the mind of God works. It is an irrational rationality that is sound.

Under the water- SUBMISSION TO GOD
Walking on water- ON MISSION WITH GOD
Wherever you are, it's all good. Trust and have faith in God.