Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meaning of 2nd Dream 2/18/15

It is interesting how sometimes I am  way off the mark when I try to interpret a dream from God. This actually helps me, though. It helps me because when I get the meaning of a dream from God, I know it is from Him. I have a very busy, analytical mind.

When I had the dream about finding the massive fruit trees a few months ago (it is posted on my blog titled 2 Dreams), I thought it was a warning. It sounded so similar to Adam and Eve and the tree of good and evil. But this dream is actually more the opposite. It is about grace.

Interpretation: The fruit in this dream represents spiritual fruit. I'm surprised to find so much of it on the land of my grandparents. Then I notice not a single piece of fruit I'm picking is perfect. This disappoints me. Randy tells me that is the best part of the fruit. He takes a bite right on the bad spot of a peeled orange he is holding (as do I) and it was very sweet though it was blood.

The blood is highly significant. It speaks of two things. Down the line of my ancestors (family land), it signifies their sacrifices as Christians. There are a lot of Christians in my mother's family line and I've even been told by family that our faith in Christ goes back as far as the Huguenots. They suffered terrible persecution and thousands were killed in France. My Huguenot relatives survived and immigrated from France to England.

So, the blood in the fruit represents the sacrifice my forefathers made through the centuries as Christians.

Oddly enough, the blood has a second meaning. The blood also signifies the failures in my family. Like any family, it has its share of problems. Addiction, abuse and great sins. Yet, God's grace has always been there. HIS BLOOD covers a multitude of sin. This is a remarkable meaning for me. It's an avenue of grace I have not seen before. We so often are looking at the smaller picture in our lives and the near century we may live in, that we don't see the broad picture of time in the many centuries.

My ancestors prayers and blessings are still at work and available to me by grace. In light of this, I pray for my grand children and great grandchildren. I know my prayers will not save their souls. They must accept the Jesus, His work and make Him lord in their lives just as I have. But prayers are heard by the Father as the word of God promises.

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