Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Face the Truth

It's so true that being an obedient Christian is a risk. Moving and operating as God commands in our lives will always require faith therefore it is a risk. The Word says clearly that God is pleased by faith. So easy to read those words and so easy to type them. Not easy to live it.

For the last few months, God is going so much deeper in my heart to get rid of what doesn't need to be there. I've been amazed and astonished at some things God has shown me. Anger, unforgiveness, pride, shame, laziness just to name a few.

It's been a lot to swallow for me. But I've never felt condemned. That is one way I know it is God showing me these things. The enemy seeks to destroy, depress and condemn. God seeks to empower, bring more joy and to make us healthy. Satan condemns. God convicts. So, as God is showing all this to me, I'm feeling a little shocked but determined to change it. In the back of my mind I am feeling loved and grateful that God has shown me this. I trust Him. If you don't trust God, then you can't possibly be grateful to Him for showing you the ugly and dark places in your own heart.

I also get excited. God is showing me this which means He knows I'm ready to see it which means He has faith in me. He wants me to excel in life and live life to the fullest! He also wants to use me as I've fully submitted my life to Him, I've given Him  permission to repair the broken places in my heart and mind. And He has certainly been busy!

I just want to encourage all who read this. Trials are hard. Change is hard. Seeing ugly things in ourselves we didn't know were there is so hard. But don't back down. Face it. Move forward and pull up the weeds. Study the Word of God regarding what God has shown you. Listen to sermons from ministers who are true people of God. Above all, never stop praying and praising God. So much happens in the spiritual realm when we do. Have courage. Have faith. Take the risks God is challenging you to take. It requires faith. And He is trustworthy. He won't let you down. He won't fail you.

I think the hardest battles to face and fight are the ones in our own minds and hearts. It's easier to speak to people as a teacher or preacher. Praying for others and their battles can even be easier. It's hard to face the truth of what is in our hearts. It's even harder to fight and allow God to change what is there. But it is worth it. Always worth it.

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