Thursday, April 2, 2015

Angels at the Ready

This morning I learned that there was a small earthquake not too far from my city in the state of Missouri. I immediately remembered visions and dreams of earthquakes God has given me in the past.

As I got over my highly emotional state I began to pray in English and in the spirit. I saw a row of angels. I turned to God and asked Him what He was showing me. He said nothing but turned my eyes to them to get an answer. I looked at the angels and prayed for true discernment from the Holy Spirit, sent to us by the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. I saw them in white clothing standing very tall with determined expressions on their faces. I watched as one by one they began to dive down to the earth. There were more than seven but I didn't know the exact number. They landed in different places in the United States but where they landed were in the Missouri area but not only in that state but surrounding states. As they landed, it looked as though they were ready for battle.

These angels were so very tall. I am certain they are angels for warfare. I've seen this type of angel before in dreams and visions.

As I prayed I heard no more specifics about Missouri and nothing of earthquakes. The Lord did show me the vision I had again of the great fortified wall that a mass of water will eventually break through. For me, this is a reminder of things God has shown me about leaders of nations and the future. I know we are coming up on an election and one person that has announced they are running for president was in this vision. Perhaps this was just a reminder to pray for these things He's shown me and the coming election.

God also brought to mind three other dreams I've had within the last year that involve warfare, disaster and trial. I prayed for any connection but got few and only prayed about the dreams, for the safety of all involved in the dreams and continued interpretation. I trust God's timing. Sometimes He doesn't show me meanings for years. When I need to know, He will show me. I pray that I am ready to know so I don't miss hearing Him. I know I must stay close to Him and be obedient. I must keep my ears open to the Lord.

I had two dreams last night and they were of warfare. I dreamed I was running from someone to escape. The person I was running from was not evil, but good. In the dream, I would run, change my clothes and do all kinds of things to disguise myself but this person would always find me. I would then run away again. This person became more and more proficient at finding me.

The second dream involved two teams. I was on one team and most of us were women. The opposing team was comprised primarily of men. I had a weapon but it was intended to keep it secret from the opposing team until the 'right' moment. In the first battle, there came the 'right' moment and I used it and it was effective. We went into a second battle, but this time the opposing team was more proficient and had become wiser regarding our strategies and ways of fighting. Though my weapon was still kept from their full knowledge, I used it at the wrong time. It looked as though we were losing this battle. I awoke from the dream.

I have chosen to pray and fast for the day rather than do the things I planned. If there is one thing I am learning, it is that NO THING is more important than seeking Him. He must be first. We must always seek Him.

For those reading, PLEASE PRAY with me for our nation. Please pray about these dreams and messages I am getting from God. Pray that God's will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Pray for God's people, which are Christians only. Pray for the lost also. Prayer is the primary reason God shows me things. And prayer is a great, great weapon in times of war. It is a paramount part of our Christian lives.

Praise the Good Shepherd who cares for His flock. If one gets lost, He will find it. He will not forsake one of His many sheep. He spares them from wolves and leads them to nutrition and hydration. The Good Shepherd uses His rod to chastise and bring correction to His sheep so they will not stray into danger. He knows the voice of His sheep and they know the voice of their Shepherd.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Praise the Good Shepherd. Praise Jesus forevermore. Praise God! Praise The Lord! Praise the King of kings and Lord of lords!! Praise God and rejoice in the work that was done for the salvation of man. Rejoice and praise God always!!!!

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