Friday, March 27, 2015

Vision of Doves

About a week ago, during a worship service, I saw many white doves together. They were beautiful. They were fluttering about close together and as they moved, I saw a few pure, soft white feathers float lose of the doves.

God has been doing so many things in my life and showing me so many things, that I hadn't prayed about seeing this nor thought about it. Today, I decided to look up the meaning of a white dove. I came across something very interesting.

While reading about a group of many doves, I found that grooms-to-be will release doves as a symbol of his devotion and his hopes for the future. This is a beautiful meaning. This speaks to me of the intimacy of the Father, the marriage supper of the Lamb but mostly, the level of intimacy and value God places on His children.

I will continue to pray about the doves, as I continue to see the doves.

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