Monday, March 9, 2015

Living Water

During worship at church yesterday, I was praying about working with the teenagers in our church. The Lord showed me a beautiful scene of fresh, pure water flowing in streams. This Living Water is God. I realized the streams were flowing from my belly. Of course, the scripture came to mind, John 7:38. The waters continued to flow and I noticed it broke up into smaller streams that poured over my 5 children. But then it continued to break off and flow over teens in our church. The Lord spoke to me, "You are not the Living Water. I am. You cannot make the streams nor can you cause them to move. This means that this is not your work. Your work and effort is to seek me, obey me, worship me and be faithful to me. And the Living Water will flow through you and pour over the land."

I receive this in the name of Jesus. Our work is to seek God. We will hear His voice. If we obey Him, He is able to move and work in ways we have only imagined. I pray, whoever reads this will grasp the truth in this.

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