Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jesus, My Joy

This morning was one of those mornings when I really REALLY needed Abba, Father. As I entered into His presence, I felt Him so near. It was like God, my Father was holding me closely in this quiet hidden place. I could feel Him filling my heart with all the things I'd need for the day.

Then I saw Jesus. When I see Jesus in the spirit, I feel so much joy. I was praising God, the Father and Jesus, His Son and I saw Jesus' face close to mine. He was smiling so bright. I could only smile back.

As I continued to pray in tongues and English; praising Him for all He is, I saw Jesus on a beautiful beach. The sun was rising. It was so beautiful. I could smell the beach air. Jesus walked along the beach in joy, smiling. I watched Him run on the beach close to the waters. He was smiling.

Jesus is my joy and peace. Without His work, we would not have the Holy Spirit. Without the work of the cross, we would not have access to Abba, Father.

This is how I'd like to start every morning.

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