Wednesday, March 25, 2015

God's Roses to Me

Do the children of God know how much they are cherished and loved by Him? Do they see Him as one who sets and upholds rules and laws? Or God a dictator ready to strike people down if they mess up? How about this: Do you see God as someone who has little interest in people or the world?

God has been revealing Himself to me for the last year and a half in a very amazing way. I have been a Christian for 25 years but I didn't really start getting to know who God IS until now.

It started when I was simply praying and the image of a pink rose kept coming to mind as I prayed. This went on and I began to realize this was God showing me this. As I came to realize this, I began to feel the love connected to the rose and then realized it was God giving me a pink rose. Eventually, I saw Him place it in my heart. I actually felt something happen when He did that also.

I looked up the meaning of a pink rose and I loved the meaning. The pink rose signifies the beginning of a relationship that has great potential. It signifies friendship and at times is given after a first date to say, 'I really enjoyed my time with you. Let's go out again'.

I accepted this as the meaning from God regarding the pink rose and pink roses. For months, God would show me pink roses when I prayed, while worshiping Him, at church and home. I grew to know that God really loves me and that I can count on Him.

As I drew closer to God and further from the things of the world, God began showing me red roses. This may sound strange to some people, but God is a romantic. Romantic is not to be confused with sexual. He is intimate and romantic with pure love. As I saw this image of the red rose when I'd pray, it often humbled me. It would stop me in my prayers and bring tears to my eyes. God Almighty was giving ME red roses!

He began showing me rose bushes and then rose gardens. Beautiful and perfect roses. He shared that Rose gardens exist in Heaven and He showed me these gardens because He loves His children and wants them to know. I looked up the meaning of the red rose and it does mean true love. And by now, I KNOW that God truly loves me and I KNOW that He will never forsake me. I KNOW that I am not just a Christian or a believer. . . I am a CHILD of God. He IS my Father.

Tonight, God showed me a single, perfect white rose. During the entire church service that lasted over two hours, He continued to show me one white rose. At other times I saw many white roses. Tonight God also done an interesting work in my heart and my life. He took deep pain and anger that was in my heart. I sobbed. I wept with DEEP weeping. I felt the pain coming up and out and in return I felt my Father God holding me close and pouring His love into me, lavishly. So beautiful and so perfect is God's presence. I NEVER want to be out of His presence!

I came home and looked up the meaning of the white rose. It means purity and innocence and signifies marriage. This means SO much to me because, in my past I was disregarded by family, cursed and convinced I was worthless and guilty of all impurities that exist. And also, for months (and even years) I have prayed for God to heal my broken heart and tell me that I am more than what I have been told I was.

Several years ago, God gave me a vision about how He was going to remove the things of the world off of His bride. I remember praying for God to remove the things of the world off and out of me to ready me for the marriage supper of the Lamb that is to come. So, here, God is giving me white roses. He sees me as pure and innocent and the lies I believed from the abuse of the past have been broken. If God says I am pure and innocent, then I am! My identity that was shattered in my painful childhood has been lovingly put back together. I know who I am now. And I never really knew before.

I am worthy of love, joy and wealth. I am royalty because I'm a joint heir with Christ. I have been adopted by Father God through the work of Christ Jesus. I have been grafted into the Vine, who is Christ! I AM GOD'S DAUGHTER!

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