Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get Ready NOW

For  years now, I have been given dreams and visions of many kinds. My favorite ones, naturally, are the ones of joy and God's love. I will be honest with you, as I am with God. I am not fond of the dreams and visions I get regarding the world and a coming darkness. I try not to think on it too much. Rightly so, after all I have too much work to do for the Lord! I have five children to teach,and enjoy serving in my church more and more. I would be a liar and a fool if I were to say that these darker messages don't scare me. But God is consistent to give me comfort and remind me that I am safe in Him. If I make God my refuge, then I have nothing to fear.

My husband has a fantastic message he has preached about false refuges. It is a message that every person needs to hear and more than once! I began to learn about false refuges from the time I heard him preach it as well as the many times he discusses the message with me.

In the last year and a half, God has shown me the false refuges I have. Some I knew and some I didn't know. I have been 'stripped' of the refuges of the world. It has not felt good but if I am to move forward and to grow in God, I have to make Him my safe place and refuge and place of comfort; where I feel a sense of control. God showed me about 5 years ago that He was going to 'strip' His bride of the things of the world. It was a strong word. It shook me, literally. But I had no idea how much I was going to experience this personally.

Friends, the enemy is cunning and he gets more and more desperate as time passes. He does know his time is short here in the earth and he doesn't know when Christ will come back anymore than we do. It makes sense that his evil in the earth would increase based on this knowledge alone.

So, fast and pray. Turn your face to God to hear His voice. Pray, fast and wait on the Lord and what He will speak to you. Trust only in God and His Word. It is all you need. Ask Him to search you for false refuges in your life. Maybe you have an addiction to something (false refuges). Perhaps alcohol or drugs or food. Other false refuges can be people (friends, teachers, pastors, family members) or things that money can buy or money itself. Anything you find security in that is ABOVE your security in God is a false refuge. Jesus made this quite clear in Matthew 5.

All things the world offers for comfort and a sense of safety and control are NOT eternal. People change or pass away. Money is spent and can be lost and all physical comforts are temporary and can be taken from us in a moment, because circumstances can change in an instant. Only God is the eternal refuge. He is loving and kind and longs to be your refuge.

I know there is a time of darkness and difficulty coming to the United States and the world. We don't know what pain that may involve for us. What will we have access to? What will be taken from us? If we ready ourselves now, then many losses will barely affect us for our relationship with God cannot be taken away from us and no man can have ANY power over God. Get ready now. Fast, pray, seek God to show you your heart and any false refuges that you have. Allow Him to speak to you. Allow Him to 'strip' away the things of the world out of your life and allow Him to truly become your sole refuge. 

As the darker times approach, we will have a firmer foundation if God is our only refuge. We will stand, when many fall. And we will be a great help to people. Not only can we be a help to Christians, we will be able to evangelize effectively and many will have the opportunity to accept Christ as their savior and refuge also!

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