Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Something is Stirring

Since this year began, I've been sensing something stirring within me. I speak about my own experience for it is the only thing I truly know outside of the Gospel. I believe this is a special year. I am sure many others are also feeling a stirring within. God is leading me into places of healing but the desire and passion to be a vessel of God's healing grows stronger and stronger. The Lord spoke a strong word to me about 8 years ago. It comes to mind now. The word was a strong description of what Christ was doing with His church. He was removing the ornaments of the world that she had placed on her body. He was washing away the things of the world. He was bringing a great and intense purging to the church. It was going to be hard. But it would be worth it.

I saw other things through the years also. The Lord spoke to me once about an earthquake. He said He what remained standing afterward were His and blessed. I believe these things have and are happening. I have certainly felt a purging and I have been shaken!!! I've come to really let go of false refuges that the world offers and I am learning to go to the ONLY real refuge that exists. That refuge is in God. I'm sure I'm not alone in all this. I'm sure others have felt the Holy Spirit leading them to rid themselves of the things of the world that distract us and can easily misguide us. Now, more than ever, we need to be about the Lord's business.

Something is stirring. I'm beginning to understand better my different callings. We all have callings. I believe that. I'm learning who I am as I sit in the presence of God. It is as if He holds this amazing mirror that shows us our true self and the gifts within and the dreams that can come true for us.

I'm going through so much purging which is so painful. God's grace and help is there but some of that help actually has come not in comfort or immediate deliverance. It has come through trial, pain, cravings and tears. It's all good though. Because I trust God. There is a purpose for such things. In time, I will most likely see what that purpose is/was.  Maybe I won't in my days on the earth but I rest in the faith that I have in the love God has for me and for all people!

In the midst of the pain, is that ironic experience (that only comes with God) of exceeding joy, peace and positive expectation!! What is God going to do in me this year? What will He do through me? What am I willing to do?

For some, the battle is so thick and intense right now, you feel like you can't see the sun! But hold on. Hold on to the words of Jesus Christ. In all the visions and dreams I've had in 25 years, this is the one thing that stands out the most for me. Jesus saying, 'Remember my words and you will be fine. Hold onto my words for they will sustain you when nothing else will.'

So, I encourage all who read this, hold fast to the Word of God, turn your eyes to Him for that is where you are restored and nourished. Endure.

God's about to do something amazing. Get ready.

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