Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Intercession Dreams and Visions

I know there are all kinds of things I share on here. Happy dreams or visions as well as ones of warning. I want to share  an 'intercessory Word' God gave me. My hope is to encourage you and remind you, once again, how great our God is.

A dear friend and I were talking about dreams and we started talking about intercessory dreams/words/visions about particular people that we are usually not allowed by God to share unless he tells us too. I have a great testimony of such an experience.

In 1997, I became pregnant with my second baby. There were many concerns about his health due to some prescribed medications I had been taking. I was scheduled to go to the hospital to get an intensive ultrasound done because the doctors were very concerned about the affect some medication may have had on his heart. The night before I was to go to the appointment, I was praying so hard that my baby would be healthy. After praying for a while, the Lord spoke to me. He said, 'Your son is going to be healthy. Your son will be a minister of the gospel. He is my minister.' It was so real and so intense. I didn't even know what I was having until that point.

I went to the appointment the next day and everything turned out alright. He was born in September and has been a great joy to our lives. 

I realized the importance of not telling my son this word God gave me. God held me back. So, through the years, I prayed for him. A few months ago, after going to a youth retreat, my son, Andrew, had me sit down at the kitchen table so he could share something important with me. He said, 'Mom, I've been called to be a minister of the gospel.' I was so blessed to hear the words come out of his mouth. We rejoiced together, me and all our family together. Then I told Andrew that 17 years earlier, God told me this. He was amazed. I feel it boosted his faith, also.

Being an intercessor is a wonderful gift. Prayer is more powerful than we realize. I hear people say, 'All I can do is pray'. It seems a bit backwards to try everything physically and then look to praying as a last resort. Prayer really should always be our first action!! 

I hope you were blessed by this and encouraged. God is good. 

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