Friday, February 20, 2015

I am Coming Soon

In my prayer time lately, different dreams and visions have come to mind. And Wednesday night, my pastor shared a prophetic word he was given. God spoke to him about how the church needs to get healed. When he said this, it sparked several dreams God gave me regarding the condition of the church and His desires for the church. It also brought up a few visions I have also have concerning the church.

As I thought on this, I went back to the very first dream God gave me. I was a new Christian. I had been saved for about 6 months, as I recall. I was going to a Baptist church so I knew little about such things as spiritual dreams given by God. But I knew what I experienced was very real.

Sometimes, we make things so complicated. I know I do. As I get older, though, I realize the simplicity of so many things in life. God gives me a dream and I write it down. Sometimes, he tells me to share. I share. He tells me not to share. I don't. He tells me what the dream means. I write it down. If He tells me to share it somewhere, I share it. Otherwise, I PRAY. Prayer is the driving force behind most dreams, visions and words God has given me. Very simple. Pray about what God is showing me.

As an 18 year old teenager, I realized it was from God but I made it a complex thing quickly. Now that I am 43, I realize God gave me a command and I need to follow that command. So, I'll share the dream with you now and obey God:

I dreamed of a beautiful glowing light. It was gentle and peaceful. Though it was very brilliant, it did not hurt my eyes to look at it. I realized the glowing light was moving closer to me. And it seemed to be gaining some speed. As it got closer, I began to see angels moving about in this light. Their movement grew faster and faster. Through the entire dream, I heard a voice saying, 'TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON.' The voice said it over and over and it became louder and louder as the light moved closer and closer to me. 'TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON. TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON!!!!' I awoke as the voice was so loud. end

So, I'll make this simple. Jesus is coming soon. He is coming soon.

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