Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2 Dreams

 I often do not get interpretations of dreams I have had. I believe both of these dreams are dreams of warning. The first dream is about tornado-like storms. Storms tend to represent warfare in my dreams. The second dream is a bit baffling as I notice a comparison of  Randy and me to Adam and Eve.

I pray for the meanings. I feel very weak and know I must lay before the Lord and let Him speak to me.

Last night I dreamed that terrible damage was done to a portion of a city I lived in. These storms came without warning. They were sudden, strange and baffled all that saw them. There were people who were weeping and many who were terrified. Since they were like nothing we had ever seen, we did not know if another could occur at any moment. Two storms, I remember clearly. They both came up out of the earth and not from the sky. One came up in pure sand and like a tornado, it was fierce and did serious damage to people and the land as the sand spun and struck people at great speed. Another came up and like a tornado also did damage to people and the land. But this storm had grass, trees and earth that it flung about with great ferocity. In the shuffle and chaos of the storms, I ended up staying at a friend's house who lived just out of the city. end

I dreamed I was visiting my grandparent's home (they are both deceased and the home belongs to strangers now). Outside, on the land they owned grew massive amounts of fruit. I was amazed, happy and began picking the fruit. Oranges, tomatoes and other fruits. As I picked them, I found more of them. Trees were heavy with the weight of oranges and other fruits. As I shared with people surrounding me I was picking the fruit. I started to notice that none of the pieces of fruit were 'perfect'. There were bad 'spots'. Randy, my husband, said, 'No, they appear to be bad but they are the best part of the fruit.' He then ate the bad part of the fruit. I ate the bad part of an orange (that ironically, looked like blood) and it was delicious. end


  1. Praying for clarity and peace. Dreams are often a very important message from God, and this doesn't sound like it could have a particularly good outcome. But with it, we can always dig deep and press in for more vision on the meaning, that way we are prepared when disaster strikes.

  2. To Whomever that reads this comment:

    I say this with lots of love and personal experience.

    We don't need to share any assumptions about any particular dream someone feels God has given them, because it does nothing but fill the mind with unintentional clutter that can distract the true meaning of what God is saying.

    Keep focused only on Jesus Sister and He will lead you to what and when He wants you to know.

    I shared this with the hubby and he will only share as God leads, if he gets anything we will most certainly share, be it Gods will for him to do so. ;-) I know you know how that one goes.

    1. I appreciate what you said in your comment. It can be a difficult task, alone, not allowing my own knowledge and ideas interfering. In my experience, I have noticed that many times, I thought I knew what a dream meant but when God chose to reveal the meaning to me, it turned out to be very different.

      With these dreams, I have prayed and no interpretation has come. So, I trust in God and wait. And I always, ALWAYS pray. Ultimately, the simple truth about having dreams and visions from God, FOR ME, is usually to be in prayer; to make intercession.