Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Messages from God 9/9 and 9/10/14

I had trouble sleeping Monday night. I often pray when I cannot sleep but my prayers seemed to become hollow to me. They weren't hollow it was simply that God was directing my attention to something else. As it got to about 2 AM Tuesday morning, the Lord showed me a VERY clear picture of what He wanted me to see. I saw nothing at all specific. I simply saw the 'knowledge' that something terrible was happening in the world at that time. It was very clear. I felt my spirit being moved by this knowledge. I felt a great darkness; a great evil power rising up in the Earth. As I prayed about this, the Lord continued to show me nothing specific. I felt it was happening in another nation, though. And I also saw a very specific picture of Satan being the enemy rising up. This seemed important. I know other times when God has shown me the enemy rising up in the Earth or in a nation I have not had such a specific identification. This is a different and more specific evil rising up. And not one that seems at all disguised as something it is not. It is Satan. I am finding it hard to describe what I am saying here. I was told by the Lord that the events that were taking place at 2 AM would change the world and affect all. I asked the Lord 'Why are you showing me these things?' He said, 'SO THAT YOU WILL PRAY FOR THE WORLD'. And so I know to pray. I pray for the world. For the lost and for the church; for all nations and all nations' leaders. I encourage other prayer warriors to heed this and to pray for the world.

I had a vision a few hours later of Jesus walking on the water. The vision was very crisp and clear. I could hear the sound of Jesus' feet walking on the water. The sounds were clear. I then saw very close to me the face of Jesus and His Holy eyes. I heard no word. But saw these things.

Tonight at church, Chris preached a prophetic message. He did speak about hearing God's voice. He talked about Jesus walking on the water. He said that God is rising up many voices in this hour. This makes sense because when the enemy rises up, God rises too. Whatever happens in the world, whatever the enemy does, God provides His people with the ability to overcome as well as to proclaim God's good works and others will be saved. For many years God has told me the time is coming when the enemy will be very strong and the sorrows will be so so great in the world. He has also showed me that He will always supply His people's needs. He will always raise up the warriors needed. Indeed, His children are going through intense training (just as God showed me would happen) but in order to be properly equipped for what is coming. A darkness comes over the Earth BUT only so that the light of Christ can shine and souls can be saved. Darkness will grow. But God has comforted me in showing me that His light will grow stronger. We all must endure to the end. We all must hold fast the the Word of God and put it in our heart and minds where it cannot be taken from us. end

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