Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vision of Heaven July 16, 2014

Last night during church, I experienced something very different. God often shows me things in 'visions/visuals. But last night was beyond any vision I've ever had. It happened during worship at church. I felt the Spirit of God there as I always do. But there was something different last night. The Spirit was more prevalent. It is hard to describe. I even looked around to see if anyone else was noticing. It did seem a few noticed this as well. The Spirit of God seemed almost tangible, thick, like a cloud. As I was worshiping, I suddenly felt surrounded by the presence of God. Usually I feel the presence of God but never like this. The vision began as I could only weep and praise God. I saw a great throne in front of me. I wasn't given much detail about the throne. I did look at the back of the chair to see how far it extended up. It went far up. There was no ceiling. At one time, I saw a flame sitting on each side of the top of the throne. I knew I was in God's presence, but I had never seen anything like this. I asked, 'Where am I? Why am I seeing this?' I could hear Jesus' voice saying 'Welcome'. I didn't see him.

What I experienced seemed to be absent of physics as well as time so that does make this difficult to write about. I knew I was worshiping God and I was seeing the throne of God. But then I was transported to a very still lake. The still lake made me weep with joy. The Holy Spirit's comfort to me was overwhelming. In the middle of the still lake sat a large rock. I knew the rock represented Christ, my refuge and my foundation; my support and my strength. I worshiped Jesus here. Then I was transported back before the throne of God. Here, I was in a room. It was large. There was no ceiling. I started to look around. Though the room was square, it often became rounded with no cracks or corners in it. I know no other way to describe this than the way I just did. My attention was drawn the the ornaments made of gold along the walls. The gold was smooth and perfectly molded into shapes of the creations of God. I saw a male lion first and then a female lion. After that I saw so many animals. I don't remember the order. I can't even remember all the animals I saw. I do remember a snake, an elephant and a fox. I marveled at what I was seeing. I wondered why these were made. It seemed to be this was a celebration of God's creations. EVERY one of them, being precious and meaningful to Him.

I was then transported back to the still lake with the rock in the center of it. Again I began to weep in joy and in the comfort the Holy Spirit gave me. I had been having a rough few days. I could only weep. Then I was transported back to the throne.

I asked God, 'Where am I?' I could hear Jesus say, 'Welcome to the throne room.' There was joy in his voice. He would say 'Welcome! Welcome!' I knew this is a place I had never gone before. This was a deeper level into the spiritual than I have seen. I looked to see who sat upon the throne. I saw a light that is like nothing I have ever seen before. It was bright. It was brighter than any light I have ever seen on earth. Yet it did not hurt my eyes at all. The light was full of energy and movement. At times it seemed to look like many tiny lights moving about and appearing as one great light. I knew this was God (who John calls One). I knew I heard the voice of Jesus speaking from the throne. He was on the throne but was not in the light. He was of the light but not the light I was seeing. Very difficult to describe. I looked about with thoughts of the Spirit of God. I saw and felt a great wind sweep in and fill the space. It looked like a thin white cloud. It would come in and move throughout the room and then leave out of the room again. I believe this represented the Holy Spirit (and this happened more than once). I began to take notice of the amount of LIFE I began to feel in this place. I asked again, 'Where am I?' I knew I was in the presence of God. Not just in, I was surrounded. I had been brought up yet this room was, at the same time, clearly present where I was now sitting (for by this time, the worship time was over and my pastor was speaking). There was so much positive energy. The room itself seemed living. There was so much energy and so much life. I looked for Jesus. I was immediately transported to a beautiful green meadow where Jesus stood with joy. I have been taken to this meadow at different times and seen Jesus here with such joy. I asked Him, 'What am I seeing?' And he smiled and answered, 'All of it is the same place.' I realized when he said this that all these places were of the same place. I understood that yet I didn't. This was Heaven.

I found myself again in the throne room. I could hear Jesus coming from the light again that sat upon the throne. "Welcome to the throne. Welcome to the Kingdom'. I looked up to the ceiling again to only see that there was no ceiling again. I saw many angels flying about the room. I saw different sizes and types of angels. Some were enormous. Their clothing was full of color and not white. The colors were bright. Blues, reds. I saw no wings on any of the angels. I could feel the energy of the room. I felt like there were so many people/creatures there praising God. I felt like I was not solid matter. This sounds strange. I felt transparent. All this energy was flowing through me. There was no barrier. I was surrounded by Heaven and Heaven was passing through me. I could only rest and relax in this experience. I transported to the lake again and then to the meadow and then back to the throne room again. After the vision was over I realized no one had said in the vision but where I had been WAS in Heaven. All three places were Heaven. Heaven is very large. I had no idea Heaven was so big. And I barely saw any of it. I know this. I feel it. I felt the Lord telling me that something had shifted. He was telling me that I was being brought into this 'inner court' because it was time. It was a larger encounter and a deeper experience than I have had in the past.

Ironically, my pastor spoke about the throne of God. His sermon was about Worshiping God. After the service, the Lord showed Him that our church is moving into a deeper level in operating in the gifts of the Spirit. I believe this experience has a connection to this vision. It is interesting that the pastor spoke this word after I had this vision. This is a common experience among members in our church though. It is marvelous as well as confirming. Praise the Lamb of God whose blood was shed for the sins of the world. Praise be to God who is Holy and is all goodness. end


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  2. All I can say is wow! This is amazing and I am green with envy ;) I am thankful God had me drawn to you for the mere fact, if nothing else, to be reading this right here.
    My very being is so eager to get in to my resting place with HIM!

    Thank you for sharing and being so open to what God is doing in your life, not many are willing to be vulnerable by being transparent with such things.

    Interesting thing, a bit ago I stumbled upon an old book that was given to me called: 7 DAYS BEHIND THE VEIL, Throne Room Meditations by John Paul Jackson, I felt the drawing to read it and u know... I let it go. I just now pulled it off the shelf. :)

    My desire is to know know God on a much deeper level than I ever have. I know it's not done by a book ;) but it's a starting place as I really feel Him pulling me to once again Go Behind The Veil as He did with me 10 years ago. Your vision has sparked an old ember in my heart and the Spirit of God is blowing His breath of life upon it. I'm ready to embark once again to sit at His feet beyond the putter courts into His throne room, "behind the veil".

    Thank you for your obedience in sharing!

    1. Praise God! I wish I had more time to post! One day, I believe I will have the time to compile the dreams, visions and experiences God has given me into a book. And my heart in doing that would be to encourage others.