Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two Difficult Dreams

Over a month back I had the following dream:

I was in my pastor's house. My husband and I were there. I heard laughter from the men in another room. I was in the kitchen making a meal. I was chopping vegetables very finely and putting them into a pan to cook. I was taking great time and effort to make this. My pastor's wife said, 'We like the vegetables whole. You don't have to go to all that trouble.' At this point, I did as she said. 

I am waking up beneath this wonderful, lush greenery outdoors. I have been asleep. As I awaken, I realize there is rain but it is not normal rain. It is very light, like a mist yet it is moving from the ground up, against all logic. I realize someone behind me is waking up out of the ground and the greenery too. I believe it is my daughter, Heather. We both climb up out of this area and realize we must find our pastors. We climb up the hill ahead. As we reach the top of the hill, we look down to see all kinds of strange damage done to trees. We know we must move down the hill to continue looking for our pastors. As we proceed down the hill, we experience violation of physics. The trees, as well as our bodies defy gravity. It is a strange sensation and unexpected. We find ourselves at the bottom of the hill. Before us is a body of water. It is moving water but it is not an ocean. The need to find them becomes more urgent as the dream goes on. We think we see one of their sons on a raft, looking for someone. As we shout out his name loudly, the raft is out of sight and he is seen no more.

We realize a natural disaster has occurred. There is chaos. We are told to do three things to survive. 
1. cover your head with moisture and keep it wet
2. when you sleep be sure your body is tucked in tight and well covered
3. when you sleep be sure your head is not facing down but up toward the sky

These are strange instructions to us and we consider them but our goal is to find our pastors. We are calling out their names. We see more and more people. I begin to notice the people are hungry and are without food. I look down and a very large boneless piece of turkey meat is in my hand. I begin to weep and sob as I see the hungry children and babies. I begin pulling strips of the turkey meat off and giving it to the children and babies. 

After this, we find Randy, my husband. He seems unshaken and very calm. This surprises me yet brings me a comfort. We gather with a few others in a small room. I find a large container of hair conditioner and begin too cover my head in it, as we were instructed to do. The more I put on my head, the more it seems I need. Finally at some point, my head is wet. I tuck oil in my pocket to cover others' heads. I also find a blanket and other things we need. We leave out of the small room, continuing to seek our pastor and his wife. end

Dream Two: I had this dream several weeks after the first one. I realize I am in a very, very green and lush part of a jungle. I realize me and many others have been brought to this place. It is clear to me that it is so deep in the jungle, that no one would find us nor would we survive if we tried to leave. We were being held by an evil woman. Many people were already in this place. Most were legally 'missing'. We were captives of an evil regime. My husband Randy and I were taken and our youngest son but we were separated from one another most of the time. We couldn't speak of God. Our every action was being watched and we had to follow very strict rules. They tortured us with photos of people that were in this place. The photos were Missing Persons' photos from years ago. They made sure to let us know that none of the missing were ever to be found.

There were only two other people we knew that were taken there with us. Our pastor and his wife. We would see one another on occasion but did not dare speak or display certain body language.

The evil woman came out with thick pieces of paper covered in a special plastic. She showed us that they were our new identities. Our identities would be fully erased and gone, legally. These would be our new identities and NOTHING could destroy these documents with the information on it. She expressly stated that these documents were FIRE PROOF. The environment seemed and felt very hopeless. Then the evil woman left the papers sitting there. I knew I shouldn't but I went over to them and looked at them. As I did, they caught on FIRE. I took them in my hand and began running around and saying, 'LOOK! THE LORD HAS DONE THIS! FIRE CANNOT DAMAGE THESE YET GOD HAS CAUSED THEM TO BURST INTO FLAMES' I carried these around and kept shouting this message over and over to every person to bring hope. Then the flames went out and I sat what remained of the papers down. I then saw my pastor's wife and sat down beside her. We clutched our hands together tightly in support and hope.

I looked out a window and I saw a road that we had not seen before. There was a road. We now knew that a path let out of this isolated place. end

The Lord has shown me a few meanings and also shown me a few similarities and connections. I do not have full meaning. One meaning I did get was a warning of spiritual attack. But I sense the Lord is showing me something else also. end

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