Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014

God has shown me the following in the last 24 hours as I sought Him. I saw myself staring at a beautiful blue sky. I could see high tree tops. I am in shallow water. It is clear and crisp water and it is moving over me. I recognize my physical position as a position of submission and how I have no quarrel with the moving water as a sign of trust. I trust in God. His fresh waters rolls over me. Usually I see Christ on the ocean and in salt water sittings. But now, this is fresh, shallow water. As I lay like a rock with the water flowing over me, I feel a peace. I soon notice Christ walking on the water. He walks a bit and then reaches down and touches the water as if He is inspecting the water. He does this often. I feel this great thirst. I am thirsty for God. The thirst is overwhelming and I begin to gulp the fresh cool water that is flowing over me. Later I notice a large bird is flying in the blue sky above. I am asking what this bird is. This bird represents good things, though I don't know what kind of bird it is or what it means. It soars and never stops soaring. Finally today, as this scene continued and I was asking Jesus why I am struggling in a certain area of my life He casually but strongly spoke. 'I have already equipped you to do this. I have given you what you need.' I suddenly felt confidence and strength rise up within my chest. I felt very reassured. There was so much peace. There was not a slight bit of concern or worry. It were as if the Lord was saying, 'What are you worried about?'

This scene has not left. May the Lord continue to show me His truths as I continue to pray. end

June 16, 2014

Update: I feel the Lord showed me the meaning of the water flowing over my body. It has a mixed meaning of both conviction as well as comfort. The fact that I am laying still and unmoved by the moving waters shows my trust in God. This is comfort. The fact that I am beneath the water and Christ is walking on it signifies that I trust but I do lack faith to see where I could be in life. I am not walking in the fullness of power than I have access to. The water being shallow is a sign that the distance between being beneath the waters and on top is not nearly as far as I think it is. This is also encouragement. Yet is is also a challenge for me. To have to see my lack of faith and participation in power is a bit hard. But it is a push I need for it is very hopeful. I don't know the meaning of the others symbols yet. I continue to let God show me. I did also learn that I am on a mountain. I had not seen that before. end

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